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I’m halfway editing the pictures i took when we stayed at One Elevenย in Bali
and there are so many…
that i’m resorting to give you a sneak peek (via all the instagrams) i took, first.

I’m standing in the living room while taking this. Across is the spa pavilion. Bedroom to my right.

Like someone commented on my IG: “Now THIS is a bathroom.”

So much thought was given to the various textures and surfaces in the villa

A BLUE dragonfly! Have you ever?!
I was balancing precariously in the swimming pool while holding my iphone
which i think stressed Clem so much, he got me an underwater camera for Valentine’s ๐Ÿ˜€


Chefs prep breakfast for us in the villa every morning

God i miss this pool.
If i were to have a pool in the future,
i’ll want it to have delicious blue tiles JUST LIKE THIS ONE.

Freshly-baked pizza as our 1am snack… was seriously one of the yummiest pizzas i’ve ever tasted.
We didn’t think we would, but we finished the whole thing -_-

My night oufit. For superfairies only.

The villa is just as beautiful at night as it is in the day.

The moon was the BRIGHTEST i ever saw it that week!
I even had to put my hand out to BLOCK it while i star-watched.

I realised how COLOURFUL my things are when i (dismally) had to pack to go home.

Look out for the next post… the pictures are SO BEAUTIFUL even my heart squeezes with longing.

For more info on the villa, visitย


3 Responses to One Eleven 111 in instagrams

  1. JK says:

    Did you blur out his genitals! LOL

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    JK: of course i had to.. for everyone else’s sake :p He doesn’t care

  3. KY says:

    and that’s why sometimes they say life is unfair! hahaha.

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