KinkyBlueFairy is 9 years old today!!!

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I wrote my FIRST ever blogpost on a (then Xanga) blog called KinkyBlueFairy 9 years ago!
It sounds so long when i say nine years… makes me think like, ‘wow. i was so young then.’
I’m not as young now but i’m still not old at all, thanks.

I feel quite proud i’ve been blogging for this long! It’s lasted longer than any other relationship or job i’ve had πŸ˜€ I’ve pretty much recorded down hundreds of experiences i’ve had throughout my entire 20s… which is great cos my memory is awful.

I was reading my very very old posts when i first started blogging, and ALL I USED TO WRITE ABOUT WAS DRINKING. -_- And a bit of college adventures. But it was mostly about partying. Hahaha oh man. I guess i can never go into politics (not like i would) what with all the very drunk pictures i used to post.

At least i post about all sorts of things now… and have decreased the drinking incidences. I mean, i still drink, but not like i used to. I CAN’T anyway. My body won’t let me. Speaking of which, if you’re in your early 20s and like partying, i STRONGLY suggest you take some pills for your liver starting now! I wish someone told me that when i was younger… I only just started taking some ayurvedic pills last year. (I buy Kamilari pills.)

Mmm drinking aside, i’m so happy that i still love to blog despite it having being almost a decade.
I still feel so HAPPY when i edit pictures and laugh to myself sometimes when i write down stuff.
I love being able to share all the things i eat and buy and find exciting.
I love the sweet comments and emails that readers send.
I feel so lucky for being spoilt by so many brands in fashion, food and travel.
I’m thankful for the money that this blog earns me, that i get to use to travel and shop and multiply my happiness.
I am very fortunate for all the projects and work that this blog has brought me…

(WOW i feel like i’m about to cry to myself here cos i’m getting emotional thinking about it all!)

THANK YOU to all you readers who’ve been following me on my journey since my early days… It’s because of you that i get to sustain myself doing something i love. So thank you very much.Β 


14 Responses to KinkyBlueFairy is 9 years old today!!!

  1. yivon says:

    Happy 9th birthday KinkyBlueFairy !!
    LOL ! Cheers!!

  2. Tian Chad says:

    Happy blogging 8th Ann =)

  3. yishyeeeene says:

    WOohoo let’s have a drink to that soon!! Can’t wait to see you mwah xx

  4. Lummy says:

    Hi,great to note that you have trimmed down on your imbibement of alcohol. Actually its not too late to protect your liver and may I suggest oral live stem cell therapy for your endeavour as they not only protect and rejuvenate your whole self but reverses your aging too. Modern technology ensures simple daily capsule consumption, sans the tedious, painful and costly jabs or treatment chores.
    Happy annivesary and much more blogging to come.

  5. hildamilda says:

    Happy birthday to your blog πŸ˜€ I’ve always love reading your blog!

  6. ipohgal says:

    conratulations!!! u’ve been making people happy for 9 years!!! woot!!!!

  7. Congratulations, bravo, clap-clap-clap, my all-time favorite Blue Fairy πŸ™‚ <3

  8. veena says:

    I LOVE your blog. I love how you are honest, value yourself for your character and don’t objectify yourself! Keep it crazy, fairy!

  9. Chiee says:

    Happy 9th Birthday KinkyBlueFairy!!!
    Have been an avid follower of your blog since a few years back. πŸ™‚
    Keep it crazy, awesome and never stop blogging! <3

  10. Elsie says:

    9 kinky years! Woot! & its all fun! Keep them coming. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  11. suraya says:

    Happy 9th Birthday KBF! Cheers to the fun, positive, happy, witty and love posts πŸ˜€

    and food posts. Of course.

  12. Amy says:

    No blog anniversary party ah? Hehe

  13. cher wee says:

    i read your blog almost everyday, so please continue to blog. Happy 9th anniversary

  14. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Thanks for all the comments! <3

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