1st day of CNY

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I think i ate the MOST this Chinese New Year.
OK that got me thinking about that year i threw up in my own mouth while driving
after overeating at reunion dinner…
but this year i’ve been eating CONSTANTLY.
A good meal every two hours…
Looking down at my tummy when i sit down in bed makes me go UGH AWFUL!
so i’m mentally prepping myself to go for powerplate tomorrow…
and perhaps running too!

The day before Chinese New Year – Nick and Caeser.

Some drama happened with the dog this week.
Mummy was walking him when he managed to mysteriously escape from his harness.
Terrified he’d get knocked down by a car or run away,
my mother THREW HERSELF on the tar road to catch him.
Which she did… and subsequently cutting and bruising herself badly on her knees, ankles and elbows as well!

Luckily she didn’t break a bone.
I’m just wondering if i would have thrown myself on the road to catch that cheeky bugger.
So amat tersayang by my mom until she’ll hurt herself for him and not scold him after!
“He doesn’t realise he was wrong, it wasn’t his fault,” she says.


Just HALF of the dishes we had for reunion dinner.

Fooling around with my uncle’s magnifying glass hur hur


Magnifying the lines at my eyes… not a great idea -_-

After dinner we watched one of the Ip Man kung fu movies till it was midnight.
I’m guessing Clem thinks it’s so weird for the whole family to just watch TV…
cos people in France just don’t DO that during gatherings!

On the FIRST day of Chinese New Year,
Clem and i got up and went to my parents’ house first,
where we gave them ang pows
and they, us.

Clem lost his first ang pow before he even started drinking -_-
He even blamed the dog for awhile, going “Caeser! Where is my mahnee!?”

Family pic!

With Nick. I’m glad he got the taller genes.
It’s easier for a short girl than a short man to make it thru life.

Crazy mother who hurts herself for dog, and careless kwailo who loses his ang pow. (He found it in the end.)

I liked Nick’s outfit that day!
I can safely say that fashion DOES run in the family ๐Ÿ˜€

With Minky Min aka Smalls.

My mama would not be pleased if she knew i posted this picture…
she usually wears make up and dresses up very nicely!

After a lunch of chai (traditional vegetarian dish to be eaten on first day for Cantonese) and fried noodles (cheating dish to fill tummies up more); we gambled with my uncle and dad acting as chongkers.

Around late afternoon, Clem and i went to Kenny’s parents’ house in Country Heights to hang out. I got ang pows from everyone seeing they’re all married already hee hee!

[My waterfall cape top is from Azorias. Saw it online weeks ago and got it for CNY. Planning skillz.]

Mattrena had to give us DOUBLE ang pow cos it’s their first Chinese New Year as a married couple!
Matt was so gleeful every time he got given an ang pow by Serena to give out…
I can see who the real money manager is haha.

I was walking to the bathroom when i caught sight of something so HEAVENLY to my eyes
and gasped quite unintentionally loud.
Cammy was the only one who overheard me
and knows me so well she said, “It’s the balls isn’t it.”

It’s so AWESOME to visit people’s houses when the children who live there have BETTER TOYS than me so i can play too!!!

Hot mama gonna pop soon

More gambling. Serena and Miguel did a good job of cleaning everyone out.

I’m the kind of gambler who stops at RM30 if i’m not winning,
so i didn’t lose like the others.
I never really win at gambling…
and i pacify myself with how i win at other aspects of life instead!

Well i ate all day and afternoon…
then Clem and i went for dinner with my dad, Nick and Sonia.
Had some chili crab and seafood.
Promise i’ll take them to La La Chong next dinner so we can eat MORE CRAB.

It seems like i’m ending this post with the same subject as i started on – FOOD!

Was lamenting to Clem about how fat my stomach is now.
He said, “You’re not fat. You want to see fat, you go to America. They are fat.”

*thinks of country with highest rate of obesity in the world and shuts up*



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  1. Sunita says:

    I would have done exactly what your mum did! family ma ( ; hahaha ..anyways happy chinese new year to you..

  2. Diyana says:

    Happy Chinese New Year! just out of curiosity,does Clem work for Eurocopter?

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    sunita: haha that makes me feel better :p

    diyana: oui.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Em says:

    That pool looks like so much fun! Must get one for my baby girl (and myself) XD

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