Sacoor Brothers > some style shots, and shirts for Chinese New Year!!

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Sacoor Brothers opened their first boutique in Malaysia a couple of months ago, adding but one more to their repertoire of over 60 boutiques across the globe (Portugal, Spain, UK, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait). Focused on exquisite European style and collections that epitomize the elegance of refinement, Sacoor Brothers also offers the comfort of personalized fit.

Their made-to-measure service (that comes complimentary) with any piece you purchase in the store is why i think it's such a great deal - cos it's gonna fit you perfectly and that aspect is SO important for shirts! Woe is an ill-fitted shirt on a (wo)man.

I got this refined shirt that comes with the most fabulous detachable bow, so i can create different looks sans bow.

I wore it to the Ritz-Carlton for dinner.

Paired the shirt with patterned silk harem pants, mesh + cork high heels, and clutch made for me by Chelle <3

+ + + + + + + +

When Sacoor Brothers threw their launch party in December, I wore a white silk blouse with black piping and black pants from their collection. Recently, i've been styling the shirt in other ways - which means with shorts, so i get a more casual yet dressy look out of it.

Here i wore a mesh pullover over the Sacoor Brothers silk shirt, with black shorts, studded flats, and a leather fuchsia clutch.

The ribbons are detachable too!

+ + + + + + + +

For another night out, i wore a vintage scarf over the shirt tucked into pleather shorts, and wrapped it together with a gold metal belt. Finished the look with a cork + leather clutch, and studded velvet flats.

If you noticed, i removed the ribbons from the sleeves this time. Felt that i already had a lot going on my front.

+ + + + + + + +

Yesterday, Clem and i dropped by their store to get him a shirt. I convinced him it'd be a great idea, cos he sometimes complains about shirts not fitting him and knowing they make-to-measure relieves us of that problem.

Double cuff? Or regular cuff? Slim fit, or regular fit?

I never knew men had so many shirt + pocket + cuff choices..!

In case you're wondering WHO wears Sacoor Brothers, the brand has an impressive portfolio of having celebrities like William Baldwin, Chris O’Donnell, Rob Lowe, and actors from Grey’s Anatomy donning their collections!

The tinkling of the pianist in store was somewhat calming while Clem went about choosing his shirt. I was offered a coffee by the staff too (they treat you well in there!) but i declined - coffee makes me go cray cray.

Claudia from Sacoor Brothers was going to help Clem see if he needed any adjustments but surprisingly, the shirt fit him perfectly! I'm thinking it's because the brand is from Europe and *he's* from Europe so.... 😀

That was quick and painless! PHEW.

The shirt that Clem picked  ^.^

If you're looking for somewhere to get shirts for Chinese New Year, you are in time to get them altered before then. Plus there was a sale going on in store when we went yesterday so you might still be able to catch it if you go to Pavilion this weekend!

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