Happy Birthday Nick!

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My brother turns 27 today, on the second last day of the year, so there’s almost a 3 year gap in between us. Almost.

A picture of us in our parents’ house. He looked really American-Japanese when he was young. Don’t know where he got that from! Clem thinks i look cheeky in this picture, like i have this IDEA in my head and am not saying it.

Mummy cooked a big family dinner for 7 of us last night.

Daddy and the king of the house.

This fellow gets more likes on my Instagram than anything else -_- But i have to say he’s getting cuter and cuter every time i see him! He’s like a BIG FLUFF BALL to HUG.

Me, Nick, Mummy, and Caeser not giving a crap.


Family pic!

Caeser didn’t like the smell of candle smoke at ALL when they went out.

Nick & Sonia <3

With our grannie

Mama is 83!

At the end of the night i realized… i forgot to take a picture with Clem in it :p I suck.


Happy New Year everyone!!!!


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