12-12-12 to 21-12-12

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I was googling and youtubing about the significance of today some time last week, and stumbled upon blogs and channels guiding one on global meditation activation. In short, they are all information on how groups of people around the world will be meditating on peace and love to preside over darkness and evil. There were also some tutorials on how one can do so today so i practiced it.

It’s simple in format. I just have to close my eyes and envision love shooting out of me into the universe, bouncing back to me, and then covering the whole planet with a pink colour signifying love. At first i envisioned rainbows shooting out of me but when i heard (cos i was on a Youtube tutorial) that i was to envision pink, i changed direction of colour. Anyhow, rainbow was easier for me to place as love and peace in my head. But i’ve been doing it at home (it’s SO EASY to be distracted, you try it!) and even did it in the car while driving (with my eyes open of course…). It seems to be more productive than griping about the traffic or weather, and i believe there is some effect i’m creating, no matter how tiny it might be. If one’s mind can be a powerful force in making changes to your life and the world around you, then what bad could come out of envisioning the world enveloped in love? Only good. At the very least, it’ll make you calm and at peace inside.

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“This happens once in 26,000 years (end of Galactic Grand Cycle of time) and 5,126, years (end of Mayan Long Count Calendar) experience, that will run from December 11th to 22nd 2012! This extraordinary 2012 Bimini/Atlantis Experience will ultimately support deep healing and inner transformation; a tangible shift in your consciousness and your energetic frequency, the aligning of your personality with your Soul, the further aligning of your Higher-Self with your physical form, and an awakening and activation of your Divine Template.

You will also experience and learn unique and new practices for living an ‘Awakened Life’ that are necessary for the new Epoch for Humanity that begins 21.12. 2012. The past dies on 21.12.12 and a new future for Humanity begins.”



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