URBANSCAPES 24 & 25 November 2012

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I noted down Urbanscapes in my moleskine MONTHS ago when the dates were first released. Nothing will get in the way of me attending Urbanscapes.
Not a holiday.
Not work.
That weekend is OFF LIMITS cos Urbanscapes is something i look forward to every year!

Look who’s headlining this year!

Click *here* to see International Acts list.

As for Malaysian artists, we’ve got our superstar Yuna singing for Urbanscapes again! I remember hearing her for the first time in Urbanscapes YEARS ago. She was totally unknown yet blew everyone away with her vocals. It’ll be so great to see her perform for all of us again!

*CLICK HERE* to view full list of Malaysian acts.

There’s a LOT going on at Urbanscapes and it’s an all day food + art + music + fashion festival for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT, so bring lots of money and a happy face!

I can’t list everything down cos it’s too many. Read it for yourself here >


I’ll be part of #UrbanPursuits this weekend… so follow @Urbanscapes or @joycethefairy on twitter to find out where i’ll be giving away 5 pairs of Urbanscapes tickets!


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