Day 25: Stockholm to Falun

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A week before i was to be in Sweden, i got an email from Tianna saying she can’t join me as planned so i would have to go it alone. At first i was slightly deflated about it, then i bounced back realizing it’s a great reason for me to finally see what truly traveling alone would be like. I didn’t plan out what i was going to do for 8 days in Sweden yet… because i thought she’d be doing that all(!) so i searched around online and asked some Swedes we met in Brussels about where was nice to visit. I initially wanted to visit a summer island calledย Fรฅrรถ but it was fully-booked out since i was trying it on such short notice. There were some really gorgeous romantic places to stay, and i almost lost the plot and booked it, till i realized that would be a SILLY thing to do cos i’d be there alone and miss Clem even more! Nevertheless, i was determined to get out of Stockholm and see some Swedish countryside, so i settled on Falun (capital of Dalarna county), situated in central Sweden.

I was so enthusiastic to catch my train in the morning that I arrivedโ€ฆ. Two hours early -_- Who arrives that early for their train? Me. -_- So I just sat on this bench in front of a Burger King, which I decided to buy for the train journey. My BK meal was 55 kronas (RM27) and it’s one of the best fast food meals i’ve had. The chips are hot, soft and salty to just the right degree; and my chicken burger is crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside. Why can’t BK be like this in Malaysia!?



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