Tioman 2012 with Ming, Sarch, Kevin, & Myra

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This post is just SO long with SO many pictures! To read the whole post, click ‘Read More’ at the bottom.

Fierce as a leopard roWR

Please note how i’m delicately balancing the hula on my thumb

Kevin & Myra

America’s Next Top Ming. Love the sun on the arched back. Look and learn.

There are a gazillion pictures from this Tioman trip (that’s what you get when you have five posers. Ming = 3 posers. Me = 1. Myra + Kevin and Sarah = 1 poser). I’m just posting some up now and will continue this post to make it WHOLE tomorrow. Am blogging this from Shanghai and my fingers are shivering (okay i should set the air con temp lower but NO i WANT TO FEEL COLD, i never get to put it this low at home cos Clem loves it warm ptui) and it feels lonely not being able to talk to myself on twitter or FB where at least someone might reply me. I ees rambling. Here goes post.

We congregated at Ming’s place at 3:30am so we could arrive in Mersing in time for the morning ferry. As usual, i got minimal sleep cos i championly wanted to attend the Nike event and blog about it on the same night. Slept (more like lay down) for an hour before leaving my house. Myra drove while we entertained her. Well i think i passed out sometime around 5am. The only way i travel decently is to sleep so i don’t feel travel motions!

It was indeed a beautiful drive when the sun started rising amidst curved roads and rows of trees…

Line of the morning by Myra: “SO MANY INSTAGRAMS!”

Sarch and Ming – happy on the way to hols!

When we reached the jetty, we grabbed a quick breakfast. I had lontong, which i’ve never had before. It’s a Malay dish of rice cakes, cabbage and long bean bits, hard boiled egg, and sambal, all drowned in a curry gravy. I loved it.

Myra & Sarah. Ferry tix is RM35 one way.


HAHAHA @ guy behind Ming

KEVIN YEOH CHIN KUAN is from Sitiawan and damn proud of it. Kuchi kuchi koooo

I should stop hunching

Mah lucky mole

I go to Tioman at least once a year… it’s to a point locals there say they recognize me from previous trips. Must be the toys.

Glint and glare

We took this picture for Didi, to show her that Salang beach recycles!

Ming brought enough snacks for a classroom. He started nesting right away.

This reminded me of 961… anyone?

So didn’t plan this. On left is Sarah’s. On right is mine. Are we that predictable?

Our hula happy home for 3 nights

I got these scarves from Sungai Wang for RM10. They became the sails of our mothership.

I’m sorry Myra, but i just noticed that that part of your bag looks like a pantyliner.

Ming was on a MISSION to TAN. He went to bask the moment we arrived. He woke up early every morning to tan. He’d tan every afternoon from lunch till dinner. I tried doing half of what he did and have ended up with a heat rash right now -_-

Gleam like a sun sista


Myra got a Ming massage since she drove half the night

I asked them to give me their best miang look

Dinner 1st Night

Lunch Day #2

Does Ming not have the FIERCEST eyebrows on the planet? I begged him to save mine (cos i stupidly went threading and they ruined it). Within two minutes, my eyebrows were looking well-shaped. I don’t even know how he salvaged them!

I fell asleep while Ming did Sarah’s eyebrows

Ming karaoke-d to himself all night

Kampung shoot

LV-inspired eyelet top from Azorias; sunnies from Henry Holland x Le Specs; bikini from Thailand.

Ming bought us all popsicles to suck on. (It sounds dirty even as i type it…)

My original Circle of Peace is kinda bent and old (aka embarrassing to bring out in public) so i pleaded the others to fit in the car with my new gigantic CC (Candy Circle), a birthday present from Yishyene. As for the bow, i *think* i bought it from Daiso ages ago.

This be my money shot

I climbed a fallen dead tree with the smoothest white bark ever. The trunk was also the PERFECT width for me to lie on comfortable, and possibly take a nap! Oh i LOVE THIS BRANCH SO MUCH.

The circus is in town

I told them to keep their hands out of the water to dry them so they could take pictures of me with my cam, and they obediently complied, awww

Me and my tree branch again. Oh tree branch i miss you so!

Taking pictures from my tree branch. Sarah says Ming looks like a little Somalian kid here ho ho.


Ming. Again.

This somehow reminds me of *this picture*

Leaving Salang beach. I’m wearing top from Hey Pilgrim; shorts from Topshop; bag from Jim Thompson.

10 Responses to Tioman 2012 with Ming, Sarch, Kevin, & Myra

  1. Irene says:

    Hey Joyce! Love ur pictures and ur enthusiasm for travelling!!
    Since u r in shanghai is there any place or food that I shouldn’t missed out on? I’m going there next week!
    Hope u have a great time there! 😉

  2. ajis says:

    u want the best lontong – check out the food court near hospital kl…..it’s da bomb…..

  3. Sasha says:

    Hahaha! I could not stop laughing/smiling at the occupation column on the passenger sheet. Ace!! =]

  4. Deeds says:

    YAY for beach recycling programs!! <3
    I'm jealous of the awesome tans and sexayyy instagrams.

  5. Ming says:

    glistening good times.

  6. ThY says:

    Went to the exact same spot 2 years ago. Man, that place could use some maintenance. ALL the rooms there kind of suck. 1 star maybe, yeah? But 3 star prices. Authentic kampung experience I guess. Guess you had good company to make up for it.

  7. Estelle Wee says:

    We were there exactly 8 years ago. We’re going again end of this month. From your piccies, nothing much has changed, it still looks idyllic – good weather, nice beaches, shiok food, decent people.

    The only difference is that we went by bum boat then, a 5 hour slog. Yet, somehow, the slow pace and prancing around on the sun-splashed deck was awesome, really got you in the mood for a lazy weekend of lounging, stoning and dozing.

    This time, we booked the ferry in advance and I hear it’ll get us there in an hour.

    I guess, times, they are a’changing…

    Great pix by the way!

  8. meilin says:

    Hi Joyce, may I know which accommodation you stayed in Salang? I’m planning to go but could not find a place to stay coz some of them look dodgy.:P

  9. JoyceTheFairy says:

    meilin: we stayed in Salang Sayang, kinda run down but it has air con and is near the beach!

  10. meilin says:

    Thanks! gonna check it out this weekend. 🙂

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