Kota Kinabalu – 24 hours prior to Mattrena’s wedding

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A bit more than a week ago a bunch of us flew to Kota Kinabalu for Matt & Serena’s wedding.

I’m the most last minute person when it comes to traveling… I pack last minute, i’d call Taxifoo to come just an hour before check-in closes, and i’m sometimes late for both those things cos of work or traffic. Clem hates it and tries to book the taxi earlier now, and i call him an uncle for being so early. But because i pity him stressing out, i made sure THIS TIME i packed and was READY at least 30 minutes before the taxi came. It felt really weird. Never in my life have i got ready in time! In the end, the taxi was 30 minutes late! So i sat on the sofa for an hour doing nothing. Maybe i’m just not MEANT to be early at the airport.

Looking down on a beautiful scene like this makes me love Malaysia so much!

Clem and i were on the same flight as Lucas & Helo, so us four grabbed a taxi and joined everyone else who was at a restaurant bar called Cock & Bull. With all our luggage. I kept on checking on my bag lest someone walked away with it without anyone noticing. Though i must say that a few hours later… i completely forgot about checking on it -_-

After dinner, the bride and groom and most people left. I thought we’d pace ourselves seeing the wedding night the next day would be havoc, but noooooo some of us just don’t know how to GO HOME AND REST.

Kenny, Clem, and Brandon who took the wonderful wedding pix. I was enthralled by stories of gangsters, bodyguards and drugs; something different from my world of beaches, holidays, clothes and care bears.

William and Cammy

Well. We ended up going to bed at 4am. Before that, i felt so hungry after all that drinking, but thanks to Cammy’s foresight, had takeaway crabs to eat from their dinner woohoo! So we sat on the couch in the 3-bedroom apartment we rented and gnawed away at egg yolk crabs which seriously felt like heaven right then.

Next day we miraculously woke up at 10am. We = minus Clem. We went for this local pork noodles brunch that Serena describes as “eating fluffy clouds” cos the koay teow and pork is really soft and flavourful. I’m not sure whether clouds are flavourful but i like her description of it all the same.

No picture of fluffy cloud pork koay teow cos i just didn’t THINK OF IT. Blogger fail.

After brunch we went to this massage place that Kenny claims is the best in our area, having tried out 5 places. He was right tho. And it was crazy value too. I paid RM80 for a 2-hour massage (1 hour foot, 1 hour body). The masseuse was extremely precise in pressing the muscles and it felt soooo good. I couldn’t help tipping her RM20 cos i felt she deserved it. Two days later they told one of us that their wages were RM500 per month with 2-4 days off/month. Gosh! RM20 must have been an extra big tip to her then!

Massage place we went to is called: De Lanna. C-02-02 Warisan Square, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens.

After the massage Kenny and i caught a taxi to Pan Pac Hotel where the rest were hanging out by the pool. Everyone was eating and i ordered percik chicken wings that i had thrice during the 3-nights i was in KK! It’s so good. I still think about it till today. I love you Pan Pac percik chicken wings!

Helo hee hee.

Next blogpost is long one on wedding night!

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  1. edrie says:

    duh. you were in kk (obviously I am from kk!). Hope you enjoyed it here! Next time visit mantanani or the Tip.

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