My favourite dragon is Haku

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I feel so so lazy to blog! It's like i got used to the EAT & SLEEP pattern of CNY!
Last night i ate so much at my uncle's i almost blacked out on the porch.
Seriously! My vision went fuzzy for a few blinks and i almost tipped over before putting myself upright.

So i now know: a food coma is indeed possible.

Also, i had a really vivid dream about slashing two snakes with a sword. Steph was with me and the snakes were swimming in a pond in a field. The sword just felt so HEAVY in my dream and i was so tired after killing them. There was even a victorious portion where i stabbed the snake right through the top of its head. So violent but i remember feeling relieved and awesome. I did google what killing snakes mean in dreams, but the variations were too many, i wasn't THAT bothered to find out.

Anyhoo, some daily dress pix. Nowadays, I seem to be really casual but still maintaining colours. As long as the piece isn't sheer, i deem it fit to be worn to the office.

double-layered studded top; spain
leopard tights; bangkok
kimono slip; beautiful disaster
wishbone necklace; present from clem
long necklace; thomas sabo

+ + + + + + +

grey silk & jersey shirt; f21 tokyo
pants; topshop
studded flats; singapore flea
vintage coin necklace; brick lane london

+ + + + + + +

aztec print slip; f21 tokyo
leggings; old blossom box store
leather moccasins; harajuku
white bead necklace; flea market

+ + + + + + +

black dress; h&m tokyo
necklace; justin yap

3 Responses to My favourite dragon is Haku

  1. KY says:

    Haku the emo boy!

    and happy CNY! 😀

  2. k0k s3n w4i says:

    Love your sense of style. And I always did like hair like yours.

    Happy CNY. I came through via a link because the title of the post intrigued me. I enjoyed Spirited Away a lot too.

  3. Claire says:

    Mine too! Well it’s a tie between Haku and Falkor…

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