If i died

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Had a very social weekend and happily collapsed into the sofa on Sunday night to watch The Descendants. Contrary to the trailer, the movie isn’t as happy as i expected. Basically someone dies in the end and half the movie is a long sad draw out.

Anyway i got to thinking where i would like my ashes spread if i died. I never told anyone. I never thought about it. And i’ve never recorded it down so it’s BLACK AND WHITE somewhere for people to know in case it ever happened sooner than i imagined!

If i died, i’d like my ashes to be spread across six continents. Seeing that i like to travel so much, it just makes sense that i make someone travel in my death. And if others wanted to join him (i’m assuming Clem will be making this journey if i died suddenly) then you could make a whole big traveling party out of it.

Imagine the memories you’d have! Because of this last MISSION i had to make up. It’d be a once-in-a-lifetime story.

So now you know what to do if i died.

P/S i’d like to donate my organs too

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  1. Rachy says:

    Touch wood!! Worst time to be inauspicious, post CNY (we still have one week worth of celebration).

    My Chinese side of me talking. Now please paint the chilliest red nail lacquer and wear the brightest piece of red clothing to work tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Li Ying says:

    Funny you should write about this because I’ve always known how I’d like my ashes to be treated after I die, and I tell everyone about it!

    Although the only issue is that I heard it is illegal to spread ashes into the river – and that I haven’t actually given the thought of WHICH river to throw myself into… ahaha…

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