I’m one of the 5 finalists for Best Lifestyle Blog at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011!

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Actually i’m a bit stumped as to how i should start this post.

I sat here staring at the blank wordpress screen,
went away to cook,
came back,
and still am stumped so i decided to just VOMIT out all my words in a stream of thought!

I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years,
And this is the first time i’ve received a nomination of any sort for my blog.

 :xsurprised:    :xsurprised:    :xsurprised:

Part of me is like WOOHOOO!!!!!
(like seriously, just being a finalist is nice enough for me!)
My competitive part is going, “Let’s try to WIN THIS THING!”
And my hippie side is going, “Whatever will be will be. Chill la.”

So there’s a lot of mixed emotions!

Some people mentioned they’re confused why i’m not a finalist for the other categories,
but i think Lifestyle Blog describes KinkyBlueFairy best!

I don’t just blog about one particular subject…
i blog about LIFE.
I blog about everything i DO,
and everything i LOVE.

I blog about TRAVEL.

monaco monte carlo


I blog about FOOD.


Steak tartareand mushroom pasta i cooked!


I blog about shopping!


I blog about the outfits i wear AFTER shopping   :xlaughing:



I blog about nature.

Dusun @ Seremban

the dusun @ seremban

I blog about art!


I blog about theatre.


I blog about tech stuff.


I blog my random photography.


I blog about home deco (har har)


I blog about nice spaces i discover.

Awanmulan @ Seremban

I blog about charity initiatives.


I blog about the people i love.



I blog about partying.


I blog about Malaysian events and festivals.


Uniqlo launch @ KLCC

I blog about international events and festivals.

Wireless @ Hyde Park London 2010

Wireless @ Hyde Park London 2010
Wireless @ London

I blog about famous people i meet.   :xsilly:

SATC 2 / HP / Vivienne Tam press con new york
Nigel Barker @ New York

I blog about loving my country.


And most importantly, i blog about LOVE.


the dusun @ seremban



the dusun @ seremban

the dusun @ seremban

Or that you can’t wear a Care Bear costume out in public.


WoW that turned out to be SO MUCH longer than i intended.. -_-
8 years of blogging does churn up lots of pictures and archives!!!

If you read my blog and love it,
or think i deserve to win the Best Lifestyle Blog award, you can
vote for me *HERE*
(they said they voting pages will open later today)

Voting for nominees will be open from 15th-27th  November 2011.
Voters are entitled to cast one vote in every 2 hours.
(That’s a bit crazy… if you really love KinkyBlueFairy then by all means i won’t stop you from voting every two hours!   :xsilly: )


22 Responses to I’m one of the 5 finalists for Best Lifestyle Blog at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011!

  1. queenofallnie says:

    At first I thought it was Clem when I saw Nigel Barker. Nyah ha ha. 😀

    PS: They say Cast Your Votes (Coming Soon…) Mehhhhh. D:

  2. KY says:

    congrats! well deserved 😀

  3. mia liana says:

    wow! congratulations…

  4. congrats! you deserved to be one of the finalist. i thought you will be in Fashion category. but nvm, am still will vote for you.:) good luck!

  5. grace says:

    YEAS another blogger dt i read/day is finalist. will vote u 😀

  6. Kelvina says:

    clicked to vote for you but the system is not running yet. isssshhhh

  7. steph says:

    woo hoo, congrats!

  8. Anna Joe says:

    Grats. Will definitely be voting for you. So does this mean we get to meet each other face to face nanti? Weoooo.

    p/s: Nice new banner.
    p/p/s: Sorry tak sempat -_-
    p/p/p/s: What to wear???!!!!! >_<

  9. Pam says:

    You definitely have my votes! 🙂

  10. suraya says:

    im setting my alarm to buzz me every 2 hours.

  11. Eudora says:

    I’m not sure how many times I’ve mentioned this, you know how much I love your blog! I’m one of those who wanted your blog to be on Fashion or Travel besides this Lifestyle category.

    I’m so happy the blog I’ve nominated is in!
    Will definitely vote & spread the love for you! ^_^

    Congrats & all the best

  12. iqa says:

    your blog layout has changed and it is so nice!!

  13. LazyBun says:

    It’s my first time to visit your blog via nuffnang and I got to tell ya that your blog is cool.
    It’s cool that you could meet fabulous people.

    I love it and i voted for you.
    All the best 🙂

  14. Faz Melati says:

    Good luckk dear! First time visit here and I voted you!

    p/s:good for never lose you ‘lah’, Malaysian!!!

  15. Felicia~ says:

    Your silent reader hath finally spoken by casting votes 😉 Your colourful life is such an inspiration and you definitely deserve the nomination. Let’s hope for the WIN now shall we? 🙂

  16. chuan says:

    You deserved it 😀 Good luck!!

  17. hildamilda says:

    I’m rooting you for sure, you’re one of my fave blogger cause you’re unique in your own way and yes you practically blog about everything (: I really hope you’ll win this! 😀 Best of luck!

  18. Antares says:

    Yup…. KinkyBlueFairy is undoubtedly the best – and only intelligent -lifestyle blog in the known universe!

  19. bendan says:

    ^^ Cool!! Congratulation for being one of the finalist!! *votes votes* All the best!!

    Btw, great blog you have. =D

  20. Eve says:

    best! i hope you win! been following your blog since at least 3-4years ago!

  21. Memer says:

    You must win! I’m gonna vote as many times as I can to make sure you win this! I will!!!

  22. JoyceTheFairy says:

    i read all the comments a few times… and am really really touched! especially the ones who said you’ll set your alarm and vote lots of times 😉 seriously man. <3

    sue anna joe: yeah, finally we will meet!

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