This makes me want to be a tween dubstep dancer. Or a teddy bear. Or eat Weetabix.

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How fawsome is it!?
And when she flips the teddy bear… Fuyoooooooo



In other unrelated random internet findings,
i am in heart with Lana Del Ray

Love her style.
Love her voice.
Love her lips.
Love her direction.

God i gotta stop.


Want to make some KA-CHING!?

A very good friend of mine is looking for a lot of people who want to work part-time as freelancers.
Heck, *i* used to work for him when i was in college!   :xlaughing:

An agency called The Big Red Button is searching high and low for good-looking girls out there who want to earn extra bucks.
They also have some very consistent work which pays up to RM5,000 a month for 5 hour-a-day jobs.
Guys can also apply for part-time team leader positions to ferry good-looking women around.

Look for Natasha (016-2613208), or Neo (016-2613206)
or just email your profile to and they will call you back.

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