I’m superman for the angels. I am… Superfairy.

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Wearing a cape dress gets me talking kerazy.
I wore this to Reza Salleh’s show at the MPO.


cape dress; azorias
necklace; victoria jomo, sg


[psst Azorias is having a contest till 2nd Julyย to celebrate their 1st month annv.
you could win a RM500 Azorias voucher by writing one sentence *here*]


5 of us went for a quick bite at Madam Kwan’s KLCC before the show.



I got mocked at for making myself a bib.


I never care though, i ALWAYS make myself a bib if i eat something soupy.
I heart my clothes more than what i look like in public.
No shitz.

1 year ago, i was having adventures in Amsterdam
2 years ago, i spent $ at Urbanscapes… time to save for the upcoming one!
3 years ago, i spent even MORE $ at Urbanscapes -_-
4 years ago, i tried getting Ben to sign a contract saying fairies exist in exchange for Transformer tix..
5 years ago, i was obsessed with a sale and a certain pair of white shoes (which has long disappeared from my wardrobe!)
6 years ago, i sure was quite gross to take a picture like this..!

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  1. KY says:

    added advantage of using a bib is that it makes one instantly look 5 yrs younger, unless u’re over 50 in which case it’ll make u look like u might have Alzheimer’s

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    noted on age limit of using bib :p

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