Never go to bed hungry

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Had dreams of a luscious burger that was place right in front of my face
but i wasn't allowed to touch it
just look
at the crisp salad
slightly greasy medium rare meat
and melting bits of cheese at the side

Woke up at 4am
but was too tired to actually get out of bed
to relieve that hunger

I feel like Jughead sometimes.

thepoplook and sevendays

i'm wearing >
sky blue shirt; thepoplook
animal print shorts; sevendays

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Community Service Message

How much do you know of dyslexia?
I happen to know slightly more than before only because i've encountered a couple of friends who are dyslexic.
It doesn't mean they're any less intelligent, on the contrary!
They just have some difficulty in reading and spelling,
but their mind whirs just as fast or faster than some people i know!

Even though more and more people are exposed to the learning disabilities dyslexia involves,
there are still many out there, parents especially,
who need to understand if and when their child is dyslexic.

The Gift of Learning aims to provide free remedial education for dyslexic children,
so do click on the link to learn more about the condition and how you can contribute as a consumer.

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