Ticket Giveaway: The Whitest Boy Alive LIVE in Malaysia presented by Topman and Junk By Demand

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The Whitest Boy Alive will be performing in KL on 22nd March!
Read on to see how you can grab yourself some free tix from KinkyBlueFairy   :xwinky:

The Whitest Boy Alive in Malaysia

“Founded in 2003 as an electronic dance music project,
this Norwegian-German quartet has evolved over the years
into a band without any programmed elements.
Groovy elements of funk and disco,
coupled with infectious melodies are sprinkled generously throughout their sound.

With two albums to its credit, 2006’s “Dreams” and 2009’s “Rules,”
The Whitest Boy Alive’s knack for making melodious dance/pop music with conventional rock band instruments shines right through in tracks like “Burning,” “Gravity,” and “1517”.

This world tour sees them hitting Colombia and Mexico before swinging into Asia.” [source]

Tix: First 200 to buy via the RedTix site.
RM90 + RM3 (Processing Fee)

Normal Price
RM115 + RM3 (Processing Fee)

For more info and details on where to get tix,
visit their Facebook page *here*

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I’ll be giving away 2 PAIRS of tickets to 2x winners!

To win, tell me in one sentence what their song(s) makes you feel like doing.
I.e. The song Burning makes me feel like taking a road trip thru Bali!

Just comment below or email me at joycethefairy@gmail.com.
Closing date: 11th March Friday 2011

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Congrats to SueLynn and Liketati for winning the passes!

9 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: The Whitest Boy Alive LIVE in Malaysia presented by Topman and Junk By Demand

  1. SueLynn says:

    1. The song ‘Courage’ makes me feel like pressing the reset button and live a life without fear.

    2. The song ‘Borders’ makes me feel like taking a holiday to Bali and have mushroom shake.

    3. The song ‘Done with you’ makes me feel like I’m free as a bird.

    Lame but it’s true!

  2. Sze En Ng says:

    Can You Keep A Secret makes me wanna whisper secrets to my hubby, then laid back with hot cocoa in hand!

  3. Liketati says:

    The song Burning makes me feel like spontaneously bursting into fits of singing along out loud.

    The song Golden Cage makes me feel like hopping on the next SAS jet to the home country of Erlend’s.

    The song Don’t Give Up makes me feel like watching water ripples from a window of an (imaginary) summer lake home in Oslo.

    The song 1517 makes me feel like throwing a dance party and just be whisked away by some higher power into a blissful dance euphoria.

    The song High On The Heels makes me feel like dancing like I may be having full body spasms with headphones on in my room.

    The song Courage makes me feel like sharing my headphones with the one I love at the airport.

  4. Nadirah says:

    The beat, the lyrics, and Erlend’s vocals in “Done With You” perfectly captures the sense of inevitable ending of a relationship and your increasing manic depression and panic after the fact that you’ve actually gone through with it.

    (To be honest the song kind of freaks me out when you think of it that way, hah. It’s like you’ve lost your way and you’re only coping by looping those thoughts over and over again, much like the lyrics of the music. Oops, going off tangent.)

  5. Hui Yen Tay says:

    Well the song ‘Golden Cage’ did make me wanna pick up the psychedelic kaleidoscope lying at the corner of my desk just to have a peek into it again! I guess it doesn’t hurt to see pretty, swirl-y things, at any time of the day

  6. Pricilla Heng says:

    The song ‘firework’ makes me feel like running along the beach with my best friend and then dip ourselves inside the sea and then sitting around the bonfire and heart to heart talk till we fall asleep!

  7. Kai Koto says:

    the song ‘burning’ makes me want to go to the CONCERT!!!

    (actually every song does)

  8. Luna Skye says:

    The song ‘Rollercoaster Ride’ makes me feel like going to a circus with my lover, pink fluffy cotton candy in hand, going on the Ferris Wheel while the rain drizzles slightly and dropping bouncy gumballs onto the ground.

  9. Kah Lian YAP says:

    The song Inflation makes me feel like disaster is coming over soon!Wages decrease, work increase, allowance decrease, target increase, ticket price increase, time to catch The Whitest Boy Alive perform live in KL decrease!

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