Lust KL

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I’ve been promising Tai Yong for ages and ages that i’d meet up with him,
and finally did!
Was afraid he was about to call it quits on me :p
Had wine and Guinness at his new bar & restaurant called Lust,
which is just on the corner of the huge building across Palate Palette.

LUST bar and restaurant KL

Lust is one of 8 Heineken flagship outlets,
and has a room upstairs done up to look like an apartment (which i failed to have a look at -_- blogger, fail.) called Studio H.

LUST bar and restaurant KL

I couldn’t stop going at the chips in garlic mayo even tho i had dinner at homeย   :xwhatevah:

LUST bar and restaurant KL

Check it out if you’re looking for somewhere new to drink in Changkat area!
I heard the chef is a superstar too.

+ + +

Speaking of KL, i posted this picture on my FB a few days back…

twin towers


The last time i posted something in the sky, was a chromosphere around the sun.
This is definitely no chromosphere…

What is it?
Is it radiation?
Is it the apocalypse?

What do you think it is?

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