Acqua for Life

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giorgio armani acqua for life

Giorgio Armani will be running the Acqua for Life campaign,
where for every Giorgio Armani fragrance you buy translates to 100 litres of drinking water for rural populations, starting with Ghana.

giorgio armani acqua for life

Even if you don’t buy the fragrance, join the Facebook community to ‘give’ away more litres of water.

As for the code, you can see the area where you’re supposed to scratch it out at back of box:

giorgio armani acqua for life

Acqua di Gioia, EDP spray 100ml, RM310
With hints of crushed mint, Italian limone primo fiore femminelle, cedar, brown sugar and labdanum

I’m very fussy about fragrances and generally tend to stick to a few that i adore,
and i didn’t really like this one when i first smelt it.
But it’s really different after it’s set on the skin… very sultry and sexy.
Reminds me of lush hotels and beaches… somehow!

I was going to give it away but i’m going to keep it for myself now.
Can’t stop smelling my own arm (i sprayed it there for testing!)

giorgio armani acqua for life

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  1. Li Ean says:

    And I needed to buy a fragrance soon, thanks for the post. Will now look at GA fragrances!

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    thanks for the compliment! ๐Ÿ˜€

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