Sun Salutation

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Went for yoga last night
and did the poses we’ve been learning so far
the Rabbit
the Warrior
the Half Moon
the Sun Salutation

Chanting the Sun Salutation
takes too much concentration
from trying to get all the pronunciation right
to divert one’s thoughts to unrelated subjects

But while performing its move
my mind wandered
(as it so easily often does)
to the act of worshiping the sun

Hey, i’m all for worshiping the sun
I’m a sun chaser remember

But it’s a welcoming break
this rain of ours
the constant downpour that everyone’s complaining about

I like it
the rain
the smell
the coolness of the air
the light drum of its drops
the lighter sprinkle of its drizzle

They say the sky is crying
Who am i to disagree

But maybe they’re tears of laughter
Maybe there’s a great big God above us
having a longย satisfying laugh
because they’re so hard to come by these days

And when it does it feels oh so good

3 Responses to Sun Salutation

  1. Niki Cheong says:

    A poet in our midst ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Kimmie says:

    Hi where do you practice ur yoga?i would like to take up a new exercise for 2011:) happy new year!!!

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    niki: haha soddof. you can read one i wrote about the circus back in ’04!

    kimmie: i take it from this teacher who does it at her house in dsara heights… if you’re really serious, email me at and i’ll pass you her number

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