Au revoir 2010!

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I must say i’m a bit sad 2010 is over…
it was probably the BEST year in my life yet…
which i hope is a sign that the future ones are going to be even better and BETTER.
*hello optimism!*

This year was the one i traveled the MOST as well.
Hmm which may be why i deem it my best year yet.

So moral of the year = TRAVEL MORE

In Jan, i traveled all over Spain and fell in love with Barcelona.
Feb: Deep and i went for Antares’ Celebration of Life party in KKB  :xwinky:
March: Bali with Clem’s bunch of French friends. I want another holiday with Olivia and Thom!
April: Krabi with SarChan where we (meaning, i) got so drunk we sat in the ocean in the rain, drinking :p
May: Invited by the Singapore Tourism Board to attend Audi Fashion Week,
and was sponsored by HP to attend the SATC 2 premier in New York. BEST EVA. I love New York!

June: Right after New York, i flew to London for summer.

Was definitely the best holiday of my LIFE only because i went to so many cities in 2 months!
In London i went to the museums, opera, drank Guinness in the sunshine, salivated over scores of food at Borough Market, walked down Columbia Road, and ate some of the best food.

Besides London, i went to Surrey + Kent (an hour from London),
played on the trampoline for ages with Yishyene,
and got patted like a horse by her.

I also experienced the most beautiful and awesome music festival in my life – the Isle of Wight Festival.
I can never forget how the music made me feel there… and i was pretty sober too!
Never have i had so much fun dancing in the sunshine with thousands of people,
and watching The Courteeners, Friendly Fires, Vampire Weekend, the legendary Paul McCartney and all these amazing acts over one weekend before!
Going to that music festival has made me ache and ache to return to Europe in the summer JUST FOR THE FESTIVALS.

End of June, i went to Copenhagen and stayed with CasparBFG, my lovely big giant of a Danish friend.
He was a brilliant host, taking me sight-seeing every single day – climbed up the Church of Our Savior, walked in the park, hugged a palace pillar, visited flea markets and sex shops, took a boat ride, and even had his mum cook us lunch in their country house (which i failed to blog about).
And we partied so hard i didn’t have time to blog.

Right after Copenhagen, i flew back to London for a day before flying to Amsterdam with Yishyene!
She really made my entire trip in Europe so much more sparkly and crazy by spending so much time with me   :xheart2:
We ate at nice places, visited the Van Gogh museum, thrifted vintage tights at the local flea market,
spent heaps of time in Vondelpark
and by the canal doing our favourite thing – NOTHING.
Oh and tried truffles together for the first time  :xlaughing:

In July, i flew back to London, just in time for the Kings of Leon concert at Hyde Park.
Managed to do lots of stuff in London, like watch Wicked,
and attend Wireless and Lovebox music festivals with MadcapperSa and Nadia,
where we tumbled about having the best time!
I even had a ‘farewell’ dinner party before i left London for France…

Where Yishyene and i sailed on Nir’s catamaran for a week from St. Tropez to Rome.
On the way we stopped by Monaco, Corsica, San Remo, Port Macinaggio, Elba
It was really a trip of a lifetime and i’m so thankful to have experienced it…

After France, i flew back to KL and vowed never to leave Clem for that long again.
I’d planned to take that trip before we got together, so didn’t want to back out of it then.
And i’m glad i didn’t.
I always told myself that when i saved enough money, i’d take a big Euro trip when i’m in my 20s.
And i think if i’d just saved the money to put a down payment for an apartment,
WHAT IF I DIED the next year?! (ok morbid but that’s what i thought)
Then the apartment would mean nothing.

I met and spoke to SO many different people,
and learnt so much about them.
Einat (who’s on the cruise with me) said to me once, “Traveling is life’s best university.”

And i do agree.
Without all that travel, i couldn’t possibly soak up all the culture and art and music and food that’s buzzing in my blood right now.
Traveling reminds me that there is SO much more in the world out there.
God i hope i never stop traveling as much as i can till the day i die.

Well, after Europe, i went mostly around South East Asia.
Tioman with Clem,
Shanghai with his mom and stepdad, where i fell for the food,
Singapore for F1 weekend,
Bangkok to watch Vampire Weekend (again!) with Aps and Claudia,
Kuala Kubu Baru to chill with Clem and Mathieu,
Hong Kong (sponsored by Disneyland) where we also saw the Flaming Lips live.

And of course, i just got back from France where we spent 2 and a half weeks there for Christmas.


I can only hope i’ll travel as much in 2011…
truth be told it’s kinda hard cos i miss you-know-who a lot when i’m away,
so it doesn’t make sense to put myself in a situation where my heart isn’t at ease either.

Work-wise, i’m really thankful for the experience and opportunity to emcee for the Blackberry Bold and Storm launch in KL.
It led me to emcee for a few other events after that, like the Che Che New York X Hello Kitty launch,
Hanger SS10 launch, the Polestars finals event, and others.

Earlier this year, i teamed up with Jac and Chelle to form LEFTBLOCK,
which has since organised a fashion show for Nike Sportswear SS10,
launched our debut collection of casual pieces,
and even (pretended to) DJ at Hanger’s FW10 launch.

Leftblock is not just to design clothes, but to do anything with fashion we feel like doing.
Sometimes i sit and daydream about Leftblock doing this and that… to the point it escalates to us throwing a fashion party in NYC or something.
Then i stop myself and go, “Woah. I really went off on a mental rollercoaster there!”
But i think daydreaming is good for you.
If i don’t visualise it for myself, then who will?

Work has been great this year… and i hope MORE opportunities will arise the next.
I have no clue what will happen.
That’s the thing with freelancing… you just don’t know whether luck will be up or down,
but i’m crossing my fingers and trying to visualise all the good energy and work flowing to me.

Work was a bit slow when i got back from Europe,
so i threw myself into learning new things…
i started cooking and adore it.
Am hoping to upgrade myself to making much more complicated dishes soon.
And i started taking French classes at the Alliance Francais.
Reason being i was thinking what if Clem and i had children,
and they know French, then all of them will be talking without me understanding anything!

Yeah, i know it sounds like i’m jumping the gun,
but i figure if i’m serious about this relationship,
then i have to do my part to be serious about it as well i.e. learn French, not have kids.

2010 was so great… i didn’t worry as much as i did in 2009.
And i heard worry is the one thing that kills your soul.
Cos it’s negativity being repeated over and over again.
So i’ve been trying really hard not to worry.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”
Oprah Winfrey

Here’s to a worry-less 2011, filled with more love going around.

*clinks imaginary glass*

Happy New Year   :xhappy:

10 Responses to Au revoir 2010!

  1. raiz says:

    Joyce, I’m glad I bumped to your blog in year 2010, truly inspirational..thanks

  2. Niki Cheong says:


    I can’t believe you still beat me to the traveling! Beesh! 😛

    Happy New Year! So glad 2010 was great for you. Here’s to an amazing 2011!

  3. Sholee says:

    Happy New Year! May 2011 be a much better year for you!

  4. Tati Ambia says:

    Felicitations on your awesome 2010 & bonne chance a Alliance Francaise! AFKL was like my 2nd home at one point!

    Great place, ambiance & nice people. Je te souhaite une tres tres bonne annee 2011 avec plein de bonheur, d’amour, une tres bonne sante (pour les vacances!) et de prosperite!

    Bisous x


  5. shi shi says:

    you are one lucky girl Joyce 🙂

  6. Cassandra says:

    have always enjoyed reading yr blog.

    no doubt 2011 will hold much more for you and you are one lucky lady !!!

  7. julian says:

    I also miss the festivals in Europe a lot. The way I liked to do it was (e.g. for one going from Friday to Sunday) to arrive on Thursday, or early Friday if not possible, and to leave on Monday. You get a good place, avoid the queues, and make a full holiday weekend out of it 🙂

  8. anisizaty says:

    OMG everything sounds so much fun. I wish I could travel as much as you did! Anyways, heres to great years ahead! cheers 🙂

  9. JoyceTheFairy says:

    raiz: i’m glad my blog is still getting new readers! 🙂

    niki: you may well beat me in 2011 😉

    sholee: thank you! you too!

    tati: oh your french is so much better than my stil non-existant one! had to get clem to translate that for me!

    shi shi + cassandra: yes i am 😀 thank you and Happy New Year to you too!

    julian: yeah, arrive on thurs to get a good camping spot, else you gotta walk heaps!

    anisizaty: you can if you save up… 😉 xxx

  10. melmonica says:

    JOyceee! I totally love reading your blog & I’m sure things will look brighter (and colourful-er) in 2011.

    Keep up the good work *dances

    Here’s to an awesome, OTT year!

    *clinks 😀

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