I wish leopards could change their spots to polka dots

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Sorry, haven’t been posting much DailyDress pictures because
1. There’s nobody to take a picture for me
2. I forget about it once i’m flying out the door for an event/meeting

This is something i wore to meet AshleyTheMonkey for a casual lunch

semi-polka dot phase

leopard print top; bangkok
polka dot collar transparent top; baci
tights; nike
mesh shoes; kg
necklaces; justin yap, me & zena
bracelet; present from grandaunt + uncle when i was 6ย   :xlaughing:

semi-polka dot phase

semi-polka dot phase

semi-polka dot phase
+ + +

I had a Forest Gump moment yesterday,
when i felt like running.
I haven’t run for ages,
and out of nowhere, all of a sudden,
i really really feel like running.

I asked Clem last week, “Can we go running together in the park?”
“No… i don’t like running. We can walk *hopeful + trying to be nice*
“Hmm… okay.”

*10 seconds later*

“What if we had a small tiny little race?”
Him:ย   :xwhatevah:

I really felt like running yesterday.
Heart: I feel like running.
Brain: Then GO.
Legs: Yawnnn lazyyy
Heart + Brain: Shut it!

So i pulled on my somewhat dusty LunarGlides and made my way to the big park on the edge of the TTDI forest reserve.
Thought before starting to run: What if i collapsed somewhere and noone FOUND ME?!
Thought while running: Damn. I’m so out of shape it’s unbelievable. I have a stitch ALREADY.
Thought while finishing: Well. That was actually quite nice. I might try to do this every day! It’d be great self-reflection time, get some fresh air, exercise…

I’m not going to run today.
Not because i don’t want to, or because my Legs’ voice is louder than my Heart’s.
But because my entire body is aching and bruised from my 2nd manipulative massage session last night.

It was so painful that i cried after coming out of the room (Cammy and Steph were so cute to hug me).
But i know this is for the better so i’m just going to FINISH my 4-5 sessions and see what the results are!

2 Responses to I wish leopards could change their spots to polka dots

  1. yy says:

    woooooh sexy legss rawrrrrrrrrr
    must’ve been made smooth by dove soap

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    idiot haha. actually HE uses his Dove. I use my johnson’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

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