Why i seem so distracted lately

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I don’t believe in being a full-time blogger,
i mean, what is that anyway?
Sure, blogging takes up some time,
especially when i have to edit a mountain of travel pix,
but i’m getting to a phase where i sometimes don’t KNOW what to blog about.
And i don’t want blogging to be like work.
Cos that would take all my fun away.

Been up to a few things here and there…
Meetings, pitches, research, and… cleaning my room.

My wardrobe is a spilling mess and much organisation is being sorted out.
Also, my father is adamant about moving my bed to another position in my room.
Something to do with its occupant being able to have a lasting relationship.

+ + +

I started contributing to the blog section in a beauty and style website called The Style Glossy.
Their office is in NYC and they’ve sourced contributors (a few ex fashion editors) from South East Asia.
You can view the blogposts *here*

style glossy

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The company Chelle, Jac and i started up early this year has been really quiet since our fashion show + event for Nike Sportswear.
We were working on another project that didn’t quite turn out the way we expected,
and have since then decided to just work with each other so that it WILL WORK OUT.

We’re ready to launch something new next month,
so start saving your money haha.

+ + +

power over cervical cancer logo

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women (after breast cancer)
Here are some figures for you to understand how widespread the disease is:


500,000 cervical cancer cases are reported annually
80% or more of these cases are from developing countries
270,000 deaths occur each year from cervical cancer
Every 2 minutes, a woman dies of cervical cancer

In Asia Pacific,

266,000 cervical cancer cases are diagnosed in Asia Pacific
143,000 women from this figure die from this disease
41% of women in developing countries receive necessary treatment to survive
Every 4 minutes, a woman dies of cervical cancer

[Read the rest of the post *here*]

As one of the ambassadors for Power Over Cervical Cancer,
i agreed to emcee an event next week to raise further awareness on cervical cancer.

POCC Bloggers Tea Party
Tuesday 28th September
7pm @ Ecoba Mutiara Damansara

If you’re a blogger and would like to attend, do drop me an email at joycethefairy@gmail.com and i’ll ask the PR people whether there’s any more space.

If you’re not a blogger or can’t attend, do share your stories to increase knowledge and awareness on the disease.
Write it on Facebook, Tweet about it, or blog about it!
You never know, a story told/read could save someone’s life.

Also check out www.pocc.com.my for more information on reducing your risks, and vaccination.

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  1. siewann says:

    Hi Joyce,

    Interesting that you’re one of the fashion writers for The Style Glossy! I’m actually their marketing agent for the South East Asian region. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best in your future assignments with them!

    Siew Ann

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