Dr. Brandt launches @ BSC KL

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Dr. Brandt officially launched its new stand-alone store in BSC today,
and i went to see what miracle cream can save my dry 20-something-year-old skin from my lifestyle choices what their products are about.

dr brandt  bsc kl

I didn’t know much about Dr. Brandt before this afternoon,
except that Marc Jacobs uses the eye cream and serum – Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Eye Serum + Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Face Fluid.

dr brandt  bsc kl marc jacobs
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Dr. Brandt is a real life person (not just a brand name!) and currently in his 70s (but looks freakishly young).

dr brandt

Also a lecturer and physician,
Dr. Brandt’s first foray into skincare began when he specialized in research and treatment of leukemia,
studying natural elements that fight against cancer growth (green tea, Vit. A + C).

Now he has practices in NYC and Miami and has clients like Madonna.

In order to reach out to the rest of the world, Dr. Brandt launched his line of products:
lineless > anti-aging, anti-oxidant, for fine lines and wrinkles
house calls > mimics in-office prodecures, max results in min time
pores no more > tightens & refines pores, controls excess oil, mattifies shine
time arrest > recapture young skin; lifts, firms and tightens
blemishes no more > acne control, inhibits bacteria growth

dr brandt  bsc kl
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The Time Arrest collection is something that i feel most women would be interested in.
It lifts, firms, tightens and restores sagging, aging skin;
and is formulated with Age Reversing Platinum Technology –
carrying active ingredients deeper into the skin.

dr brandt  bsc kl

I got the Time Arrest Face Fluid, RM359/30ml
I’ll let you know how that goes after i’ve finished using my current moisturizer from Dr. Sebagh!
Seem to be using Dr brands these days hrmm

dr brandt  bsc kl

dr brandt  bsc kl

Dr. Brandt Sales Director Stephane Colleu + Ken Lim of Ken’s Apothecary cutting the ribbon

dr brandt  bsc kl

The store is on the ground floor in BSC

dr brandt  bsc kl

Card reading was so popular i couldn’t get a turn in!


ChatterboxJo and SunshineySteph

dr brandt  bsc kl

me + Stephane, who patiently recommended me a few things i should try according to my skin type.

I’ve got quite a few samples but just gonna mention 2 products that perked me up:

– Dr. Brandt Collagen Booster to minimize collagen loss, stimulate collagen production & maximize collagen formation.
Hey. I need all the collagen in my skin i can get. Bring it.

– Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner Blackhead Extractor to loosen and remove blackheads, absorb excess oil, unclog & tighten pores.
I was quite fascinated when Stephane said all i have to do is leave it on, and rinse it off. Am tempted to try it on Clem to see how effective this is. Hmm maybe i WILL try it on him so i can actually see the difference!

dr brandt  bsc kl

dr. brandt skincare is available at Bangsar Shopping Centre
and Ken’s Apothecary Empire Shopping Centre


2 Responses to Dr. Brandt launches @ BSC KL

  1. stephane colleu says:

    Hi Joyce,

    Thank you so much for sharing with your bloggers our event from yesterday. Please keep me posted once you have finished to try the products that I recommended it to you. Cheers, hope seeing you next time,

    All my best,

    Stephane Colleu

  2. Hey Kinky Fairy!

    Thanks for this awesome write-up:) The products are actually quite good! Now apart from plugging my obsession with Power Plate, I’ve been telling the girls about Brandt as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lineless cream is very good… my skin is much better now. In the pic above I hadn’t tried it yet :p

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