Roar like a lion, love like it’s free

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I don’t keep many clothes at Clem’s place
Only because
1. there is no wardrobe of massive proportions = no space for my little collection
2. i hate splitting pieces up and going ballistic when i don’t have that particular piece for this outfit right now

So the simplest solution is to keep a few dresses that need no mixing and matching.
Except maybe the one below would have been better with some textured piece layered underneath.

See what i mean about how i end up wanting something else to complete the outfit.


i’m wearing >
red + blue striped bikini; topshop
lion dress;



On the very white and neat dressing table
are my colourful things
that have made the man’s apartment
less minimalist than he intended.
But that is what happens when you let a fairy into your life.


Painting from St. Tropez that reminds me of
stifling sunshine
glazed water
dripping ice creams
paintbrushes by the sea.

3 Responses to Roar like a lion, love like it’s free

  1. Dylan says:

    still looking awesome.

  2. happycoral says:

    I’ve been trolling your blog forevar, but I’ve never had the guts to say hi… I just wanted you to know that I find your St Tropez painting so PRETTY!!!

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    dylan: thank you 🙂

    happycoral: thanks! i didn’t do it you know right… :p

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