Mooky & Ayesha’s Wedding <3

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Last Saturday,
i pulled out a cream white dress i bought from Bali (which sad to say, i'd only worn once :p),
ironed it carefully,
sulked at the rainstorm going on outside,
waited a bit,
then drove to the Dewan Komuniti in TTDI
for JollyMooky & Ayesha's wedding!

I missed the first ceremony in July cos i was away,
but luckily was around for this one!

Mooky's one of my oldest friends from KL.

I've known him before i met everyone else (outside my group of high school and college friends).
We met each other on... get this... Friendster, haha!
Friendster back in 2003 was the best thing that ever happened to social media okay!
I remember AshleyTheMonkey coming with me to meet him at Centrepoint mamak (just in case he was a psycho).
Turned out he was noT a psycho, but one of the most lovable people i've met in my life   :xheart2:

Mooky then introduced Ash and i to FaiTheMai,
who introduced us to QueenKanch,
and that was how we all met.

THIS is probably the oldest picture i have of JollyMooky and i together!

And below, are pictures at his wedding! (or one out of 4 ceremonies he had anyway!)

mooky & ayesha's wedding

JollyMooky + FaiTheMai

In all my years knowing Fai, i've never seen him in a baju melayu.
Turns out he only has one anyway   :xsilly:
Okay who am i to talk... i don't own a cheongsam,
but i have a sari!

mooky & ayesha's wedding

Radiant Ayesha + me

The set up was really beautiful and modern,
but i forgot to take pictures cos i was so engrossed in the food and conversation oops!

mooky & ayesha's wedding

Apsahaha, me, JollyMooky, AshleyTheMonkey, FaiTheMai   :xhappy:

And the last picture... is taken from Ayesha's FB profile,
i really wanted to post it cos it's TOO CUTE.

mooky & ayesha's wedding

So Mooky.

Congrats, you guys are gonna have BEEYOOTIFUL CHILDREN!

4 Responses to Mooky & Ayesha’s Wedding <3

  1. rizal says:

    sorry i didnt come to your wedding mooky.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Joyce!

    Do you mind if I nick that picture of you and Ayesha for my blog? I was so so busy that day that I completely forgot to snap a picture of the bridal bouquet I made for her. If you want, I can trade you for pics of the decor.. ;p

    ps. I’m Sarah (Mooky’s friend too); the one who did the decor.
    pss. Thanks for the compliment on the decor! =D

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    sarah: sure thing! just credit the source of the pix as this blog 🙂

    congrats on the great job again!

  4. Cat Choo says:

    Hi kinkybluefairy

    Saw your blog on Amber’s Academy opening. Was curious and clicked on it. What a coincidence Mooky is actually my neighbour. I think his brother got married at the same time as well. We were invited to the wedding but could not make it.

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