Dinner @ Arivind + Sam’s

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Arivind + Samantha cooked an English feast last night!

dinner arivind sam 

dinner arivind sam

Yorkshire pudding + pies + roast lamb + baked potatoes
Cheesecake + toffee something + custard

I was stuffed and feeling in disdain,
the way the skin on the side of my body can fold and touch each other,
when i stood and waited for the bus.

“New feeling right,” said Yishyene
“Sob yeah man,” i replied, tugging at my sides.

However, i’m just gonna eat as much as i want.
And erm run and stuff when i get back to KL :p
Have already pre-emptied Clem that i will return a fatter fairy.

dinner arivind sam

Samantha, Jayna, RyanSoosay

dinner arivind sam

dinner arivind sam

Arivind got really excited to meet Wilson   :xlaughing:

dinner arivind sam

Yishyene + i

Caught the Tube before it shut to get home,
and was talking to Clem on the phone before i slept
(and he just woke up for work).

“What are you doing?”
“Just bathed… drinking a glass of wine…”
“When was the last time you didn’t drink for a day?…”
*thinking* Erm shit when i was in KL…?
“… when you were 15?”

2 Responses to Dinner @ Arivind + Sam’s

  1. ShaolinTiger says:


    And yah..UK is a recipe for gaining weight.

  2. Samantha Tan says:

    haha just saw this! More feasting tomorrow woooooo! 🙂

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