I didn’t throw the soap bar away, okay.

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Been catching up on sleep ever since the Leftblock x Nike Sportswear event was over and done with.
Even after the event,
i was still having dreams about it -_-
resulting in a groggy panic of oh no we screwed up the swap fashion show, D-I-E forever!! wait. that was a dream. cos the event's over already. right? righT. phewwww zzzzzz

Saturday was spent buying stuff in Ikea for the apartment.
I feel like the patient husband waiting for the indecisive other half
on choosing dishracks, trash cans and balcony furniture.

Seriously okay, we spent 20 minutes discussing what trash cans to buy:
Him: "I think the white one will be nice, cos everything in the apartment is white."
Me: "Okay baby, that's a good idea."
Him: "But.. maybe not. I'm not sure i like this design. I really wanted the silver kind that opens and is tall bla bla bla..."
Me: "Urm okay, but they don't have that."
Him: "Maybe we should ask."
Me: "Okay." *goes to ask and returns* "No, they don't have the specific ones you want..."
Him: "Yeah, so maybe i'll just go with these ones..."
Me: "Good idea! We came to buy these anyway."

*after choosing colours for 5 minutes*

Him: "No. I feel this is not right. I don't want these anymore. *puts them all back*
Me: *tears hair out*

I veered towards this kiddy leaf thing that you can hang over your bed,
and went to lie down under with a face going I WANT

And his going YOU'RE CRAZY

Finally managed to pick out some balcony furniture
(after the same procedure as choosing trashcans, but at least, we ended up with a chair + table)
and made our way to check out counter.

Was halfway yawning at counter, when i heard someone calling, "Joyce!"
Turns out it was my old neighbour Munirah,
who must've thought i looked like the most excited person ever in Ikea.
*insert sarcasm*

We unpacked everything at home,
with me shrieking, "Put the cardboard to one side! I'll take it to recycle!"

Rushed to Bar Italia to see Herukh sing.
'Twas the 2nd time i've seen him sing, the first being at Tenggiri.

herukh @ bar italia

Had beer, gin + tonics, tequila shot,
and was all nice and happy to start dancing to the songs,
when it was all over -_-

Timing, Herukh, timing.
Tau tak?

Clem and i were tipsy and tired and wanted to leave,
but Herukh wouldn't let us,
saying he'd sing downstairs later la (even tho i was cajoling him for an encore for AGES)
bla bla bla.

So i pulled out the wild card: "Look Herukh, the truth is we wanna go home and have lots of sex. Okay?"
He then told Clem 'what was he waiting for?' and pushed us off quickly.

Truth is > i went home,
argued about the Mystery of the Missing Soap Bar,
wolfed down a McD's Chicken McDeluxe,
and passed out...
while Clem sulked in front of the TV.


Mystery of the Missing Soap Bar >

"Did you throw away my soap bar?"
"No. Why would i throw away your soap -_-"
"It ees not there!"
"Well, i don't even use it, so i really don't know where it is."
"I know you don't like my bar of soap."
"Yes, soap bar sucks! Gel soap is SO MUCH BETTER. But that doesn't mean i'd throw it away!"
"Then where ees eet?!"
"How would i know! Maybe *you* accidentally threw it away yourself!"
"No! Why would i do that!"
"Or maybe, it accidentally dropped on the floor and you haven't found it."

*we both then start looking for a bar of soap in the cramp bathroom at 3am like drunkard idiots*

This would be the part where if we had a housemate,
they'd come in and wonder what the heck we're doing,
and we'd go "Oh, we're looking for the soap"
like it's the most natural thing in the world.

"There ees no soap here."
"No. There isn't. I have no idea where it's gone."
"You must've have thrown it away."
"Oh for fuck's sake."

(damn. i forgot what it's like to couple-argue over the most nonsensical thing -_-)

*the next day*

"I still don't know where my soap has gone."
"Gosh, are you still ON about your soap? Stop accusing me of throwing away your soap!"
"I'm not accusing you. In its place is all your make up. Why did you throw my soap away!?"
"Hahaha you're TOTALLY ACCUSING ME!"

Hence, refer to blogpost title -_-
Reading back, i'm thinking damn,
i'm bringing my blog to a whole new level.
*imagines interview going on*
"So, Joyce, what do you blog about?"
"Oh random things, missing soap, etc."


+ + +

Sunday was supposed to be Scrabble Sunday,
but we ended up playing Monopoly Deal (which is so much better!)

monopoly deal

Pink Sage ran out of Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream for its milkshake
so i had root beer instead,
which Clem thought tasted like medicine (but i love medicine. cough medicine :p)

monopoly deal

Tianna, FaiTheMai, Clem

monopoly deal

Jessie, Apsahahahah

monopoly deal

Monopoly Deal is so much faster and fun to play with than the ol' Monopoly board game!
Imma get a pack too (the cards yesterday were Fai's & Aps') so we can include more ppl
and be one big geeky card-playing bunch :p

pink sage solaris dutamas


8 Responses to I didn’t throw the soap bar away, okay.

  1. Dylan says:

    haha! funny post.. can’t wait to read more of this story.

  2. Merryn says:

    lol.. never know buying a trash can can be sooooo stressful! 😛

    chill.. let him have the one he love, after all, HE’ll be the ONE taking out the TRASH! 😀

  3. Oh this is so so funny! 😀
    Time to get new soap bar. .. . 🙂

  4. choonxuan says:

    so the mysterious soap bar is still not found anywhere? lol so cute lah!
    second clarisseteagen, it’s time to get a new one! =D

  5. Clement says:

    Come on babe, i ain’t accusing you of anything. I totally believe that this bloody soap bar just naturally metamorphosed into lipsticks and eyeliners… That’s what soap bars usually do, don’t they? mdr! =D

  6. Nice…visit me at johorkia.blogspot.com…

  7. Gwen says:

    LOL sounds like old married couple … when you have been together so long that you only fight about stupid crap. It is magnificent to hear!

  8. […] Unfortunately, i don’t foresee it happening in my life anytime soon. Sometimes i can’t even find my own things (book, ipod, razor) and accuse Clem of hiding it every time i can’t find something. I suspect it’s backlash from his accusing me when he lost his soap bar. […]

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