A rainbow around the sun!

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I’m doing some stuff at the pc while waiting for family lunch,
when i saw Jess’ tweet on a rainbow around the sun.

Me being me,
i went woo hoo really!?
and ran out to see!

Daddy was busy mowing the back garden,
and questioned what i was trying to do
staring up in the sky
in the hot sunshine
like the mad child
he’s already used to.

I ran back in,
grabbed my camera,
and snapped a picture
to show him.

I showed Mummy too.

“Look! There’s a rainbow around the sun!”

“Haiyaaa it’s a corona la, the sort of thing you can usually see during a solar eclipse. It’s not a rainbow la, spoil your eyes only you look at it!!”


When i looked at the uploaded pix,
i do see some colour tho,

rainbow sun corona

Then later she looked at the picture again,
and corrected herself saying it’s a chromosphere aka colour sphere

rainbow sun corona

Still pretty cool huh!
There’s some Sunday Science for you!

3 Responses to A rainbow around the sun!

  1. IT’S SO PRETTY.!!!!!!

  2. mel says:

    trust pn rose to have a scientific explanation for everything;)

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