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Dunno why but damn packed this week with 3 to 4 meetings/events a day.
Yeah okay, i know those of you who are damn busy will be like, “wtf, she calls that packed?”
But for me it is, cos i’m so used to having free time in the past 4 months to do what i want, when i wantย   :xsilly:

KinkyBlueFairy History:
1 year ago, i had some horrible nightmare
2 years ago, Milcah helped me carry LOTS of colourful plastic balls in Vietnam!
3 years ago, my cc got rejected in Zara -_- shy
4 years ago, i was forcing myself to take driving lessons.
5 years ago, QueenKanch called me a freak (biasa already la now)
6 years ago, AishozCravesCoffee forced me to do work

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  1. Niki Cheong says:

    Oh rub it in why don’t you? :oP

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