Happy Birthday to My Somebody

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For awhile, i was pondering whether to write about my new boyfriend.

Throughout my years of writing about relationships,
i sometimes get really nasty and hurtful comments
from anonymous readers that would upset me then.

I think now i’m stronger in taking these in stride,
and not giving a shit what anyone says as long as *i’m* happy.

Also, i was at a point of how to separate public and private things on my blog.
Problem is, by not writing about something that means so much to me
and takes up so much of my activities and thoughts throughout the day,
also meant that i’m really falling for commercialism.

Because my blog was started to remind me of my life.
Of things i go thru.
The funny experiences i have.
What makes me laugh every day.
What makes me happy.

And he makes me very happy.

So i decided i will write about him.
So tada! (his favourite expression), i’m officially stating here (how cheesy) that i’m attached.

The first time i saw him, i thought nothing much (cos looks really don’t attract me la).
It was only after the first 6 hours of hanging out and talking to him,
that i couldn’t stop thinking about him for days.

I even told RowdyRudy about him.

“I met someone.”   :xhappy:
“Oh? And?”   :xwinky:
“And i can’t stop thinking about him.”   :xwhatevah:
“Are you thinking about the person when you wake up and before you go to sleep?”   :xshocked:
“Yes! And… i don’t even think about him in a sexual way, but in a romantic way.”   :xsurprised:
“You’re in trouble.”   :xwhatevah:
“I know.” *sigh*   :xbummed:
“Be careful.”
“I know…”   :xbummed:
“What am i saying, just go with it! How often do you meet someone that makes you feel this way? Life is short, go ahead and love. And if you get hurt, at least you tried.”

I didn’t need any pushing really.
I am the romantic sort.
I dream about having a feeling like this,
being smitten so bad that just communicating with the person gives me immense pleasure.

I turned to my private blog and wrote heaps on it.
Things like please, Universe, make him be in love with me too.
And sickening girly shit like that :p

And… the Universe really loves me.
Cos it happened for me.   :xheart2:

I like that he’s in a totally different industry,
and knows nothing about my blog (okay fine, now he does cos we’re together la -_-)
I could go on about all the things i like about him,
but i’m trying not to make everyone throw up.  :xlaughing:

Last night, he was talking about how intimidating my er popularity was,
compared to him not having lots of close friends here.

“I’m a nobody,”  :xbummed:   he said on the sofa before we went out to drink.
“Don’t be stupid,” i shot back. Nobody’s a nobody. Besides, you’re *my* somebody!”  :xlaughing: and flung my arms around him.

Today’s his 29th birthday   :xlaughing:
So i just wanna say Joyeux Anniversaire!   :xheart2:

39 Responses to Happy Birthday to My Somebody

  1. kreazi says:

    wow, congrats Joyce! Glad to hear you’re happy 🙂

  2. chiet says:

    happy for u! may u guys be happy always!!


  3. wendythemini says:

    reading through this post of yours, it reminds me of that feeling again. Being so in love, imagining idiotic things in mind, kept thinking whether the thing you said or did was embarrassing, beautiful feelings. Congrats and good luck to you and your bf. He must be thrilled to see this post of yours. =)

  4. shimmers999 says:

    good to know the good news!! wish u well..
    everyone deserves to love and be loved! 😀

    i too am feeling the same thing, thinking of that somebody romantically and hope/wish that he feels the same way too… but i’ve yet to reach your level yet… i don’t think he “sees” me… hopefully soon though..

  5. melmonica says:

    Dear Joyce,
    You’re one of my favourite blogger and yes, I must admit, I am one of your ‘silent reader’ hahaha.
    Now here I am, dropping a comment!:D
    I can totally relate to what you’re feeling cos I have that special someone who can totally makes me happy and laughs like a little girl *cheesy kan?
    Just love the feeling of being together and talk about anything and still feel very happy and be loved.
    Anyway, help me wish your somebody ‘Happy Birthday’ haha and I’m happy for you, Joyce:)

  6. Joy♡. says:

    Since I’ve been following your blog for aeons, I’d say it’s about time you found that somebody who appreciates your eccentric self – and I mean that in the nicest way 🙂

  7. Clement says:

    Thank you baby for this tremendous birthday present. Once again you make me fly…

    Still i’m gonna sue u for the “i’m a nobody” quote 🙂

    Love u.

  8. TianChad says:

    Agree, just do it~! =D
    It is better to be happy/sad than just thinking in our mind.

    All the best!

  9. Nash says:

    Congrats!! oohh…and Happy Birthday to your Bf!!

    Ain’t being in a love a wonderful feeling.. =)

  10. Eudora says:

    So happy for the both of you! And happy birthday to your bf! 🙂

  11. Suraya says:

    When start reading this post, my mind tune to “Love is the air~~ Love is in the air ~~” haha

    fuck all the nasty comments(IF it does appear after this la.) As long as you happy, your positive readers would wish you well and tumpang happy too 🙂

  12. tc says:

    show us his pic. take a lovey dovey pic together and post it for us to see.

  13. Niki Cheong says:


    You should have been there to lick the cake off his nose earlier though 😛 hahahahaha


  14. kimberlycun says:

    happy for you 🙂

  15. ShaolinTiger says:

    Happy birthday to him and yeh know about all the struggles, just do whatever makes you happy and ignore the haters.

  16. SS says:

    I am following your blog most day for a while now….
    Interesting posts and pictures.
    Glad that you found SOMEBODY..
    Live it and continue to be happy….and blog..
    Good day.

  17. Renee says:

    *aiyeeeeeer* fairy’s in L.O.V.E!
    Congrats babe! 2 is better than 1!
    cheesy mou? ;P

  18. Elaine Chan says:

    Congrats =D
    show us some sweet sweet pic of u & him ^_^

  19. tats26 says:

    Wow! So cool to see someone with a spunky personality has this girly romantic side of her and so brave to write abt it.Coolness to the nth power! LOVE…LOVE…LOVE.

    You inspire me to still believe in LOVE. Greetings & love from your fan here in Manila,Philippines.

  20. Renee says:

    Been following your blog for a while now & always enjoyed ur style of writing. Always wondered whether i’d bump into u 1 day … & i did! Saw u in Damas on Sat wth ur Somebody 🙂

    Actually it was my friend who noticed u 1st, commenting on ur red hair. When i turned around, i got excited & said “hey that’s Joyce (wa like i know u personally)!!!

    Anyway, just wanted u 2 know, reading ur blog & ur take in life makes me happy & i’m glad someone makes u happy 2! 😀

  21. yuki shim says:

    soooo happy for u! 🙂

  22. Natalie says:

    Congrats !!! dunt be afraid to love

  23. Irene says:

    YAY! fairy is in love :p congrats, and happy bday to your dearest 🙂

  24. Simon Seow says:

    Congrats Joyce. Really happy for you.

  25. GwenY says:

    Atotototot… Congrats, Joyce!

  26. Ren says:

    did not know when I was there yesterday!
    was kinda rude did not wish him happy birthday 🙁

  27. coco says:

    congratz dear^-^~

  28. steph k says:

    duno how sud wish u ..

    wheeeheee~~~~~~ *clapsclaps*

  29. Memer says:

    Happy to know that you are happy…

  30. michelle says:

    awww so happy for you, joyce!

  31. JoyceTheFairy says:

    thanks guys… clem and i were reading all the comments and we’re happy you’re happy for us 😀

  32. CheeHooi says:

    Wow!! really happy for you there girl, wish you all the good times and be lovely as always! cheers!

  33. laydie~bug says:

    yeay! love reading bout your happy clappy self! (u are extra happy clappy when you’re in love!) congrats congrats!

    as for the negative comments…. they’re just jealous!

  34. s says:

    i’m glad u decided to share this here. i’ve been wondering if i should do the same thing with my boy on my blog and only started mentioning him last week and we’ve been out for a while now.. haha. all the best to u both!


  35. stella says:

    that’s really nice. i’ve been wondering for a while now if you have found someone to fall in love again. =) have fun and write more to share with we all. we’re all gonna love it.

  36. JoyceTheFairy says:

    cheehooi: thankees!

    laydiebug: you’re right.. my friends cannot tahan edi :p

    s: thanks steph!

    stella: *crosses fingers*

  37. mello says:

    Congratulations womaann! *happy sparkly confetti*

    😀 😀

  38. L says:

    Hi Joyce!
    I read your blog from time to time and I must say this entry made me smile. Tq! Congrats and I hope you’ll always be happy! 🙂

  39. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Thanks Mello and L 🙂

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