Happy New Year!

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Ok i've totally failed as the prodigal daughter who cleans up her room for CNY this year


Whatmore i have so much time


Dunno what happened.
Think i just have to organize my room more AFTER CNY is over!
I took ages categorizing my clothes and having some long conversations with them.

Last night went out with Milcah after she did my hair for CNY.
I had the best conversation with her about people, God/Universe and whatnot for 2 hours.
Rushed to Changkat to meet up with Aps, Jess and Rucas at Magnificent.

While walking there, some guy stopped me to say hi.
For a moment i thought, Shit, maybe i met him before so better not just ignore!
So i said, "Hi, what's your name?"
He said Dan.
And i'm very sure i hadn't met him before, and i was rushing a bit.
So i said, "Sorry Dan! But i'm rushing and i don't have time for you to pick me up right now!"
His friend laughed and said, "Did you hear that? She doesn't have time for you to pick her up haha!"

I smiled and ran off :p

Popped in to Elixir to say hi to Haze who had finished spinning by then.
I fail.

Went home at a very indecent hour, and was woken up by banging on the door at noon.
After a bit of yelling and pulling on clothes and ready to be grouchy for being waken up like that,
I opened the door to find my brother standing outside!
He's back for CNY!
My mother damn smart asked him to wake me up knowing i can't get mad -_-

Went downstairs for lunch dressed in my pajamas.

And saw my uncle from Singapore pop out of the kitchen and say hi.
Everyone else in family was bustling about the place.
And i was so shy to be standing there in like, one piece of clothing.

"Why don't you people tell me when we have guests around so i don't come down looking like this!" i yelled.

Gosh don't you love Chinese New Year   :xwhatevah:  :xlaughing:

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On a separate note, check out Your Grandfather's Road!
I commented on the latest post on culture shock in KL over here.

What did you think of KL when you first moved to the city?
Regardless of whether you were a kid or much older,
surely you have something to share   :xwinky:
Read Manesh's experience, share yours,
and we'll have some little Malaysian stories we can all call our own.

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  1. Eudora says:

    Haha. Happy Chinese New Year Joyce! 🙂

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    thanks Eudora! you too 🙂

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