Happy Birthday Milcah!

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This post is dedicated to the woman who’s responsible
for all my wild, life-altering, mind-blowing hairstyles for the past 4 years.

For her birthday night, Milcah wanted to go to Phuture,
and because it’s her birthday and she’s queen for the day,
everyone had to do what she wanted.

Everyone always does what she wants -_-

Milcah G Birthday

Milcah G Birthday
Aps, Milcah, Benji

Milcah G Birthday

Milcah G Birthday

Milcah G Birthday
Clement + Milcah

Milcah G Birthday
Aps, William (cannot make it past 4am) + Milcah

Milcah G Birthday

Glad to have my router back :p
And realised how much i take Streamyx for granted!
I <3 you, Streamyx!


Seeing DannyTripod to go hang out,
and both of us are completely fail and indecisive of what to do.

“How about a movie? But damn it may be crowded now…”
“Yeah… i want somewhere cooling cos it’s damn hot.”
“Okay… urm i don’t know what we should do!”
“… how about i meet you at Sid’s and we decide?  :xsilly:
“HAHAHA okay!”

KBF History:
A year ago, i went to Bangkok for Culture One
2 years ago, i was in Saigon for Milcah’s birthday
3 years ago, a friend wanted a part-time job in replace of a man.
4 years ago, KinkyPugKevin took over my blog -_-
5 years ago, i went to my first bloggers’ gathering :p back then, it was cool.


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  1. Eudora says:

    Happy Birthday Joyce’s hairstylist! You did a great job on her hair! Hee ๐Ÿ˜€

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