The year i will go to a huge festival. And not in Asia.

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I’ve been telling Yishyene how i’m planning to do Europe for summer,
and she sent me a link of a festival she was thinking of going for: the Isle of Wight festival.

The first one took place in ’69 after Woodstock closed down…
and hey, if i can’t do Woodstock,
maybe this is the next best thing.

I’ve never been to a festival this huge before (with past ones drawing crowds of 50,000 ppl and above)
and just looking at the acts got my heart beating faster

isle of wight festival 2010

isle of wight festival 2010

isle of wight festival 2010

Blondie! Vampire Weekend! Calvin fucking HARRIS!
The Strokes! Friendly Fires!


I promised her i’d fly to London,
we’d rent a car and drive there,
sent up some colourful tent and CAMP there,
and she’s such a CHAMP cos she bought our tix yesterday!

It’s 150 quid per person for 3 days
but i don’t care cos this is gonna be an experience of a lifetime.

And highly doubt it will cancel on us like how the acts around here seem to be doing lately (i.e. Rihanna, Killers)


I wasn’t even online when Yishyene bought the tix,
i read it on my Twitter stream last night when i was out.
yish twitter

I think it’s amazing how Twitter has really changed the way we communicate now.
And how fast news spreads before it can hit the newspapers, or even news blogs.

Like today my Dad was telling me: “The Sultan of Johor has passed away.”
Me: I know… i read on Twitter last night.

Aps recently got on Twitter and finally *gets* itย   :xlaughing:

If you want to get on Twitter too,
you can do so on your phone by simple smsingย   :xhappy:

Just create a Twitter account, then sms <T> to 29800
and it’s set!
For only RM1 a week, you can Tweet from your phone via SMS and follow others as well!

Yesterday i was hanging out with Niki and SmallSerena,
whereupon at one point, Niki was a bit frustrated at the connection on his phone
cos he couldn’t connect to Twitter.
Me: *meekly* “If you Tweeted via sms you wouldn’t be having a problem…  :xsilly:  :xshy:
Niki:ย   :xwhatevah:

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  1. tigga says:

    amazing festival! u should defo hit GLASTONBURY fest too! its epic…biggest yet in england. or creamfields (ibiza over a weekend)
    safe have a blast.

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