Hello, Bangkok!

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So i’ve decided to stay in Bangkok for 3 weeks, and i leave in 6 hours.
But even then, i’m coming back to KL in between for 48 hours to attend:
2 events, a shoot and an interview.
Cram gila.
But i’m not complaining, i’m totally loving it!

I’m in a good place right now… and i’m very happy.
During a conversation over lunch, i told Tong how i wake up every morning feeling happy and extremely fortunate.
He said that it was good, as not many people feel that way.
And after he said that, i felt even luckier!

I’m in a constant good mood, or if not smiling to myself like a mad person,
i’m at peace (i think!).
Even returning to bad drivers on KL roads and haze, after the brilliant blue Bali sky couldn’t faze me for more than 10 seconds.

I hope i’m not jinxing myself writing this!

I dunno, i just wanted to blar how happy i am,
and i’m not even in love or anything.
It’s like, i have that feeling i had before when i was in love,
but this time, there’s noone in the picture but me and Life.

After lots of unintentional reflection in Bali,
i understand how so many things around me are temporary.
And how i should embrace as much as i can.

I’ve started losing interest in materiel things.
Don’t get me wrong, i still love to shop  :xsilly:
But i don’t place as much importance on it as i used to.
Last year, i thought to myself that when i have 5k to blow,
I’d get myself a designer bag.

This year, i had 5k to drop on something and reward myself,
But i didn’t want a designer bag anymore.
If i had to choose between a bag and a trip,
i’d much rather take a trip.
So i’m starting to save for a Euro trip in May 2010.
I’ve been asking friends around how much i should put away and got quotes from 15-20k.
Milcah lagi best, quoted me 21k for a week -_-

“21k in a week?! What the frick did you spend on??”
“Oh, cos we stayed at the Hilton, etc”
“Milcah. I’m not staying at the Hilton okay!”ย   :xshocked:  :xwhatevah:

Trips aside, i’m also starting to slowly get rid of things that i love,
but things that i feel will benefit other friends.
Like certain books, clothes i know they like, etc.

I don’t need all these things, i tell myself.
And hoarding them is not bringing anyone additional happiness.
I feel like Life is already giving me so much,
that i need and want to share this.

I feel it has to go around.

In some ways, i’ve managed to reignite how i was when i was younger,
and i’m so happy i managed to do it.
I’ve not ‘made and given’ away anything for ages
(i used to make SO many cards and funny things in school)
and just recently found myself gleefully packing Bali party packs to give to a few friends.

Wow that turned out to be some long rambling!

End of the story is: I feel that when the Universe is giving me so much,
i don’t want to be greedy / lose the plot / fuck it up.
So i try to give back in other ways, and it feels fantastic.

+ + +

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8 Responses to Hello, Bangkok!

  1. shivani says:

    i love it how you capitalize the L in Life, like how i would with God. i love reading your blog and ever since you’ve had your epiphany, you seem so much more happier, like real happy, not WOOHOO NEW NOOKA happy ๐Ÿ˜› (though i must admit getting a nooka is BLISS!)

    i’m sure whatever the future has in store, be it in bangkok or bali, you’ll definitely rock at it. (:

  2. Sandra says:


    Well done on your amazing achievements and know that another 20K girls want ure job and life but its not luck but hard work ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ShaolinTiger says:

    Sounds like you’re in love with your life. Good work!

  4. klaire says:

    u can sell ur clothes online, make us *all* happy; plus help fund ur europe trip! ;p

  5. lisha says:

    klaire’s got a good suggestion there. lol

    this was a very inspiring post, i must say. and though i don’t know you, as a reader i feel happy for you. and it’s nice to know that someone really appreciates life and is trying to give back to others. =)

  6. so-p says:

    Actually, if you want to fly around europe, wait for/catch the ryanair sales one-two months before you fly and you pay about 30-50 pds per flight.
    And if you stay in budget hostels (though i’m sure you can afford nicer hotels) your total cost (inclusive food and flight)for a one destination eurotrip for a week can be just 500 pds = RM3000

    so no, i dont think it costs 21k.

    plus, i’m sure you’ve got readers round the world willing to accomodate you =)

    just my 2 cents

  7. JoyceTheFairy says:

    shivani: like how you described the level of happiness haha

    ST: xxx

    klaire + lisha: haha… ok i will try my best. time consuming to take pix of things and post and reply emails and send etc! Will prollie sell off some things i buy in 3s to save $ and sell off ok!

    so-p: thanks so much for the suggestions… and i don’t know whether i have thtat many readers in europe..!

  8. Tin Iglesias says:

    you’re in BKK? gaaah i am so jealous. haha anyway, have a great time, joyce. shop til you drop! lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

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