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CasparBFG (whom i backpacked with in Bali before)
msged to tell me bout a campaign he’s currently working on
for the environment against CO2.

Since he’s returned to Copenhagen from traveling the world for a year,
he’s back to working on creative projects,
and asked me to share with all of you I do 30
an environmental campaign that encourages people across the world
to turn down the temperature on their laundry to save CO2.

i do 30

Itโ€™s started in Denmark by the bioinovation company Novozymes,
who creates the enzymes that makes low temperature washing possible.

I do 30 is about turning down the heat on our washing machines
while turning up the heat on those decision makers who can help give us a lot more climate friendly choices in our daily lives.

I know many of us in Malaysia memang use cold water for our machines,
but they’re trying to get as many people as possible to join their Facebook page Facebook.com/ido30 before the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen this December
so that they can show the worldโ€™s leaders that we demand more climate-friendly choices.

The campaign is run on different social media platforms, so you can watch
I do 30 videos on youtube.com/user/IDO30org,
read stories on the I do 30 blog: ido30.wordpress.com,
follow them on Twitter twitter.com/ido30 and
read more about laundry and the campaign on www.ido30.org

Most importantly support the campaign on www.facebook.com/Ido30
Just click and Become A Fanย   :xlaughing:

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  2. eveeleva says:

    i do cold laundry. just started 3 months ago- when i read about how much electricity u save from washing ur clothes in cold/normal temp water without any heating. an there’s no difference really on my clothes. i think they clean real well still!

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