Meant To Be

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Do you ever have that feeling that certain events are meant to be?
Not coincidences, but pure ‘aligned with the universe’ kinda shit

I was thinking this due to a few people that i’ve been talking to the past month

1 month ago, i was still in my full-time job,
and coming around the bend to a new phase in my life
which is uncertain but one i’m very excited about.

And there were wonderful coincidences
– how i spoke to a few people regarding traveling and finding one’s self in life.
So wonderful, i wouldn’t call them coincidences at all.

I say it was aligned in the Universe πŸ˜‰

First of all, none of these people are close to me.
And i barely bump into them,
and yet with each and every one of them,
i managed to have drawn out conversations thru which i gleaned lots of information,
with each of THEM telling me (individually) that it was meant to be too!

First was Yan.
Now Yan be the jet-setter we all envy.
Every time i see her, she’s wearing something from Louboutin,
or has just got back from Italy/Australia/Russia (u know what i mean).

I bumped into her at the airport in Bali.
She recognized my tattoo from my back,
and happened to be standing RIGHT behind me as we were boarding the plane!
We chatted for a few minutes, and promised to catch up in KL.
Which we did, and which is rare for me…
because i rarely meet up with people i’m not close to.
I usually put aside hang-out time to people i’m accustomed to,
not to mention so many friends i want to layan!

But we met up one Sat afternoon
(she even drove all the way from Ampang for which i’m grateful)
sat down for a few hours over coffee,
and spoke to me about her experiences with
enlightenment, meditation, chakra, reiki, healing,
where she’s planning to travel to next,
and a retreat she’s planning to work on.

I was blown away by how much time and energy she devotes to
worshiping and treating her body the right way,
and asked many questions on the courses she takes.

At Chic POP Street Market,
i made friends with Ade, one of the vendors there.
She told me about the 4-month sabbatical she took from work,
and how she went on a 21-day journey down the Silk Road.
Me having the wanderlust i do,
took great interest and asked her SO many questions on how, where,
how much, how long, etc; to which she answered very patiently.
From there, she referred me a book to read
The Monk who Sold his Ferrari
saying the book came into her life at the right time,
and how it was the right time for it to come into mine.

Also at the event,
I had my aura read by Selvie
Despite always having an interest and strong belief in the subject,
i never pursued a reading.
It happened to be there, so i tried it out.

So many things distracted my session.
The first three times i sat down, i had to run off –
vendor problem, tv crew interview session, etc.
By the time i sat down and said “Ok, i’m ready. >.<“
Selvie just smiled at me and asked me to relax.
I had to sit there with hands on my knees and relax for what seemed like ten minutes.

Then she started talking.
I’ll skip all the other details, but go into something she spoke about,
that had much to do with my unexplainable desire to travel.

She said i had a lot of dark pressure on me signifying change,
and asked whether there was to be a big change in my life.
I said yes, i’m about to leave my job.
What are you going to do? she asked.
I’m going to travel more, i said simply.

She kept quiet for a while with her eyes closed and fluttering lightly at times,
i just kept silent too, waiting.

You’re not just going on a holiday, she said.
You won’t be visiting those places like a tourist…

I was a bit taken aback, cos i did say i was going to travel,
but i didn’t say that i wanted to travel for extended periods of time,
which is what she launched into.

She continued: Rather, it’s a journey to look for something/one.
I see a very strong connection from you to someone else thru the spirit world,
and that is calling you to go out.
The journey that you’re about to make is a very special one.
This lifetime of yours is to take this journey,
and to heal yourself from past lifetimes that you should forget about.
And to find this person you’re supposed to meet in this lifetime.

I know i sound crazy… but she made sense to me.
I’ve blogged before, that “i feel like i’m looking for something, but i don’t know what.”
“A part of my spirit seems to have taken a holiday
And i don’t know where it’s gone.”

After the reading and cleansing,
i continued running around Chic POP,
and told Adrian the whole story on why the aura reader said i left Freeform
(to which, i swear, he looked back at me with mouth hanging half open,
not knowing how to respond to ex-employee who had lost her marbles)

Four days after Chic POP, i spoke to Jasmine.
I knew Jasmine from BAT days, but never really spoke to her alone before.
I happened to bump into her at the Cut Above event,
and spent over an hour talking about energy and healing as well.
And over an hour talking to one person at an event is considered very long!
I learnt more about sound healing (cos i told her i got a voucher for it),
what it helps with,
and other things i should try.
She helped me with so many things, and upon thanking her,
she merely said, “It’s meant to be. I was meant to bump into you today.”

All in all…
I just thought it’s so STRANGE how i never talk to people about these sort of things,
and at a time of my life i feel i want to travel for some soul-searching,
meeting all these people just came into line as if planned out for me.

Most of my close friends are not into this,
so it’s hard for me to talk about it with someone.

So i guess this note is just to share that…
every thing does happen for a reason,
and they all happen at the time they’re supposed to.

Whether it’s a bad thing that we should take as a lesson,
or a good thing that we then take as blessings.

13 Responses to Meant To Be

  1. kimberly says:

    Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love
    I’m not very spiritual and I don’t do the traveling but I really, REALLY, REALLY loved this book and I think you’d probably like it too~ with what you just wrote and stuff
    (unless someone else has already recommended it la – but in that case you must get the book ahaha)

  2. Fiona TJ says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I second kimberly’s comment. Not going to launch into a book review here, but seeing what you’re goin through, I think the book is no more apt for you than anything else at this stage in your life. I got it as a gift and had a crazy urge to underline almost every other paragraph in the book just so i could go back and read them again.

    Anyway, just a tip from one who know’s one..

  3. lisha says:

    i’ve got the perfect book for you. it changed my perception of life completely. check out Dr Brian Weiss. the first book is called Many Lives, Many Masters.

    =) i couldn’t find it at Borders. might have to try Amazon instead.

  4. wey says:

    surprisingly im going to one too during christmas time in taiwan. I think it’s good for city ppl especially when your work is so hectic. πŸ™‚

    go for it girl.

  5. MissEdVenture says:

    Hey i wish you well fairy. I really enjoy your blog and I do visit it regularly. When your tru calling comes, you will find it. All the best!

  6. Kim Ong says:

    Just go travel the world woman. Do some soul-searching. I’m still searching for mine too. Just narrowing things down. Youth is only so long before we all get old and have different priorities. Go for it! Things do happen for a reason. Seriously, I second that.

    And remember, it only gets better.

  7. Max says:

    Really moved with your post. Love it. Keep us posted with your spiritual growth.

  8. Joyce says:

    Actually, I want to introduce another book by Paulo Coelho, something I picked up from MPH few weeks ago. His writings are profound and poetic yet simple for a good read. The books may or may not provide the enlightenment to your soul. I hope that it’ll help in the search to what you’ll be seeking πŸ™‚ *pat pat on your back* and all the best !

  9. JoyceTheFairy says:

    thanks for all the suggestions guys! will def look for these next time i’m at a bookstore πŸ™‚

  10. lynn says:

    just started reading your blog today and this entry struck a chord with what i’m facing right now – wanting to travel more and discover more about myself and the courage to realise my dreams. i’m deeply moved by some stuff you wrote and i thank you for your honesty and willingness to share.

    to the first person who commented (kimberly), appreciate your recommendation of the book “Eat, Pray, Love”. excited to get hold of this book real soon.

  11. JoyceTheFairy says:

    lynn: i’m happy my post helped in any way… and i hope you find your way in life too πŸ™‚ love love.

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