Beyonce KL Tidbit + Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Singapore!

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Interesting tidbit i picked up from today’s dinner outing.
One of my close friends (she asked to remain anonymous) is good friends with one of Beyonce’s musicians,
and apparently KL was NEVER slotted in their tour schedule.
(I heard that KL wasn’t noted on her official website tour schedule, but most thought maybe it was an oversight on their part.)

The conversation between her and said musician friend went like this –
Friend: Hey, why didn’t you tell me Beyonce was coming to KL/gonna cancel her show!
Musician: Of course i would have told you if i was coming on tour there… KL was never even on our schedule!

Interesting ey.
At dinner, we went on to discuss what that meant…

+ + +

Something i picked up on Twitter just now,
the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are gonna perform in Singapore Jan 12th, 2010!


I’ve danced to their entire album from beginning to end like a maniac in Bali before.
On a massage bed in the villa garden, while playing air guitar, no less.

Here’s one i headbang to alone in my room, pretending i’m a rock star:

Here’s one that i listen to a lot when i sendiri emo:

One of their newer songs that SarChan and i play for our SalahWrong sets:

i love the way she dances alone in the world, with the world as her playground.

And the scene in the supermarket…
disturbingly reminds me of something i might have done before.

I think January will be a SWEET month for me to visit my brother in Singapore…
because i can crash there for free miss him SO MUCH!
Freaking. Perfect!

So Nick, if you’re reading this,


4 Responses to Beyonce KL Tidbit + Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Singapore!

  1. cynthia says:

    YYY – zero is such a fun song! and fun video to watch :p

    EH terlupa that cd you’re supposed to pass to me -_-“

  2. chris says:

    yeah! the new album is pretty cool but my fav is Cheated Hearts

  3. Junee says:

    i love yeah yeah yeahs! wish they’d come here instead. my fav is maps.

  4. Tony Bennett says:

    I just love Beyonce, have you tried out – you can download all her albums there!

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