Cebu: I’m BAKED

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Woke up at 7am today but it felt like 9am
Philippines runs on the same time as Msia,
but the fact that they’re so much further in the East from the latter,
makes it obvious why the sun rises at 5:30am here


So we’ve been up and about in the sun
running to two island spots
Snorkeling is a bit shit here (in my opinion) cos the waves are really high
and keep on getting into the pipe
Plus i prefer not having the life jacket or fins,
and end up using a lot of energy to keep afloat and still in strong current


But weather today is amazing

beach i-forgot-name off machtan island

Taking a break from the sun (been out in it for 7 hours!)

Then will go back down  :xlaughing:

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  1. baby says:

    best gila!!!

  2. Wow..building up a nice tan aren’t u! Heh!

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