SalahWrong In Johore: Part II

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In continuation of the last post:
If you’re wondering how come there are so few pictures of the straight men there that night,
none of the pictures are going up
cos they were all shamelessly gone -_-

So much for them taking care of the girls and almost-girl-boys
SalahWrong @ Johor
Supper of wan tan mee and soup

Random conversation i remember between PrettyAaron and i:
“Don’t waste food, think of the hungry children in the world.”
“It’s okay, my mother told me the kids in Somalia are having a rave.”

……… LOL

SalahWrong @ Johor

Breakfast at 3pm on Sunday

Ethan took us bundle shopping!
The moment i stepped in there i went HEE HEE HEE and couldn’t concentrate on anything Sarah was saying to me

SalahWrong @ Johor
But really have to hunt la that one
I got a belt, 8 tops and a dress for under RM30
SalahWrong @ Johor

PrettyAaron + Ethan in coffeebean
SalahWrong @ Johor

TigerJoe bought a drink from this place called CoolBlog
SalahWrong @ Johor

A boutique + salon called Birth
SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

We went to another one called That’s Cafe
That also has a boutique + salon + cafe concept
SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

We bought DVDs (RM4 for one!)
So i got Dirty Sexy Money and True Blood, along with 13 other movies
Can’t wait to start watching it while sipping on wine and nibbling smoked salmon

Went to some gudang garam place at night where ppl sold the most random things

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor
We reached back in KL at 2:15 am

And died waking up for work on Monday


8 Responses to SalahWrong In Johore: Part II

  1. melon. says:

    i know where is the bundle.its in smart rite, near carrefour.i live about 2 blocks near.

  2. nauj says:

    omg! i’m from jb but yet, i don’t know those boutiques that you went to..
    where were there???

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  4. Dita says:

    Omg can u tell me where exactly the bundle shop and the other boutiques?

  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    we wrote about it here =
    i lost the address of the bundle shop…. -_- meant to keep it and accidentally threw it away! sorry…

    another one is That’s Cafe
    55 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
    30000 Johor
    tel: 07 2239 088

  6. jane says:

    may i know where is the boutique+ salon BIRTH located at?

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