Mabuk at Sunburst

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I blogged about the lineup at Sunburst just over a week ago and wasn’t too sure whether i was going to go

When i was younger (cheh like damn old -_-) i would WANT to go for EVERYTHING.
EVERY concert, must go!
EVERY rave, must go!
EVERY party, must go!
EVERY event, go go go!

Till i stopped having fun going to so many
Maybe because my expectations got higher, the more i went to

Or my preferences changed
Or i’m just becoming a moody bitch who wants to do things as and when she pleases :p

So i just thought ‘go with the flow’
If i wasn’t having fun, leave early
If i am, stay on
Ended up being at the festival till 1:30am!

sunburst 2009

On the way to pick Aps up

Milcah did my hair earlier yesterday
She straightened my hair so it won’t be so (in my words) – “chinese monk who cannot afford to get a haircut and it grows round and ugly”
TigerJoe said i’m being racist
I retorted how can i be racist when i’m chineseย   :xsilly:

sunburst 2009

LammyLamLam used to be my team manager in BAT
I moved on to Freeform after that
And he moved on to Tuborg (which he’s feeding me lots with, in the hope i will eventually like it more)

sunburst 2009

Edwin produced the Heineken videos where you can watch here

sunburst 2009

sunburst 2009
The atmosphere was so chill and i loved it
Would have brought my spinner if i knew it’d be like that
So people can find me easier heh
sunburst 2009

DarlingDhanya probably looking for food
She’s always carrying food in her huge bags
Cos she’s always going hungry

sunburst 2009

FaiTheMai, me, TigerJoe, and lots of Tuborg beer (RM25 for 3 cups)

sunburst 2009

Me in Fai’s Ray-Bans, Joe, Aps

sunburst 2009

Ah Xuuuuu

sunburst 2009

Aps + FaiTheMai in his N.E.R.D. tee

sunburst 2009

I need to stop slouching *slaps self*
sunburst 2009

Thanks fo Lina for giving me guzzles from her Moet

sunburst 2009

SarChan + BalaTania

sunburst 2009

N.E.R.D. really ROCKED the place
At one point, Pharrell was asking everyone who was pushing to stop it cos it just wasn’t cool and everyone else was cheering like crazy

sunburst 2009

Then Korn came on
To which i suffered

Told PassedOutBen about it and he said Korn fans will stone me alive
I said i don’t care and to each his own rightย  >.<

8 Responses to Mabuk at Sunburst

  1. Niki says:

    Being older, I also gave up going to concerts. And gave up my tickets for Sunburst. Went to watch some Japanese dancers in KLpac instead. Heh Heh

    I think I need to learn to adopt your philosophy of, “If don’t enjoy, then just leave early lor”. Chenks. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Karthi says:

    Enjoyed the daytime portion of the event. Especially the acts on the smaller stages. The advertising ploys on the two large stages makes me question neutrality of the ‘music festival’, it becomes more of a display of corporate propaganda perpetuated by almost blatant amounts of subliminal advertising. Still, it was a great show ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. fai says:

    gasp! they were Oakley’s not Raybans!!! i demand an edit! hahaha!

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    niki: ya lar, just diva it your way ha ha

    karthi: yeah daytime was very chill, wish i went earlier instead of 5pm. well without advertising dont’ think they can pull it off ๐Ÿ˜‰

    fai: aiyo… my god how many you have you psycho.

  5. tigerjoe says:

    Aiyoh! My nick is kena stolen dey.

  6. -W- says:

    You should read this

    its about NERD at sunburst
    wicked stuff

  7. -W- says:

    so it looks like they actually got arrested by the po po

  8. melmelien says:

    liking the way u blog
    i’m a fan i can tell.
    i went to sunburst to.
    n saw u there
    tp ur muka some kind like scary one
    so i pass on the thought to give u a hi.
    didnt spent much time at the main stages
    cos i av dis friend,whom never club,glued to silent disco.
    i also sticked around to it.
    n we went home early becos her dad called already.

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