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The drive to Kuantan was lovely and i managed to catch a few hours of sun on the beach
Didn’t get any today cos it rained
Since we had a couple of hours to kill before starting the drive back to KL, TigerJoe suggested we walk around the mall there
… I mean seriously, i was half wondering to myself WHY would i want to walk in small town mall when we have bigger better ones in KL?

Upon 5 minutes of being in the mall,
“You really don’t think much of this mall, do you.”
“Why do you say that?”
“You’re walking around with your arms crossed.”

Bah, i couldn’t help it.

But you know what.
I’m so glad we did.
Cos we stumbled upon a bundle store on the top floor there.
Only in a town can you find a bundle shop in a mall i think.

I bought a few jackets for RM10 each which i thought were very IceCalvin indeed.
And a top-to-bottom exposed zipper skirt for… RM1.
RM1 okay.
Can die or not.
Then i spotted this authentic Mickey Mouse bomber jacket.
It was so unique… i couldn’t put it down.
TigerJoe was giving me all the bad points on why i shouldn’t* buy it.
But after some thought, even he admitted it was a special find and it was just the cost of restoration that was going to increase the price of the jacket for me.
The jacket was RM20.
Dry-cleaning and leather restoration will cost way more but screw it!

Even if i don’t want it in a few years, i’m sure i can sell if on eBay or something.

So there, i bought myself a jacketย + skirt for RM21.
Oh and a cool Casio watch for RM40.


Yeah, i know, go Kuantan also can manage to shop.

Drive back was long as there was a terrible jam due to roadworks along the highway.

0_- Pei.

Threw bags at home and changed into black
To go for PassedOutBen’s father’s wake…

POB told me his father would have been very happy to know i went.
I replied his father should be very happy for raising one of the greatest people i know.

… Left POB to layan his relatives after a while.

I went to grab dinner at Bangsarย with SmallSerena, who happened to be with Hannah and another friend
(Thanks for dinner Hannah  :xblush: ย )
They told me about this amazingย detox soap they’re both using
And i swear i just paid an exorbitant amount on a single bar of soap -_-
But i’m gonna try it and see whether it really works (getting rid of pigmentation, evening skintone, etc)

Grabbed a quick glass of red wine with Serena at TSB
Then here i am at home
Getting ready for work tomorrow…


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