A Flash Of Green

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Usually means go.

But this time it meant stop.

What is that?
went a fleeting thought
Ooh, a grasshopper come to visit! came after

I crouched down to get a better look, even though i was running late for work as it was
Surprisingly enough, he didn’t run away!
mr. grasshopper

“What are you doing on the floor?”
“I could have stepped on you.”
“But you didn’t, see.”
“Yes, well. I *could* have.”
“You couldn’t, i’m too bright for you to have gone unnoticed.”
“Some things can be overlooked if you take it for granted.”
“… are you trying to tell yourself something, or me? I just like the floor.”
“I like the floor too. But not *that* much! Are you hurt?”
“Then why not go somewhere safer?”
“Cos i like the floor.”
“You can’t fly, can you.”
“I most certainly can.”
“Then prove it.”

Mr. Grasshopper promptly flew off the ground and unto the railings.

“I told you so.”

mr. grasshopper
And told me he did.

mr. grasshopper

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