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Been a bit of a bad blogger cos i’ve been more… preoccupied of late


I’m crazy excited about going to Singapore to catch The Ting Tings LIVE on Tuesday with SarChan and DidiBuli!
And shop!
Will be utterly fab.

I cleaned out my car today, with the help of the ManOfTheMo
Not because he’s insanely anal about tidiness (which is the opposite of me)
But because it’s due for service

I arranged all my shoes at the back of my boot and he stared at them
“Seriously. I’m afraid to see how many pairs you have at home. There are more shoes in your car than my brothers and me combined!”

We spread all my junk (okay, yes.ย My car is THAT messy) on the ground in his driveway
And sorted what to keep and whatย to recycle – paper and plastic
I found an old packet of Thai coffee that i meant to give AishozCravesCoffee and never did -.-
And a bottle of Ribena from an event (which i didn’t even know was in the car :p)
He recycled that by pouring it onto his plants as fertilizer
I stood in the garden and watched him sprinkle and splash everything unto the soil where some palms grew

He turned around to see me watching on, “You think i’m weird right…”
“No, i think it’s cool.”

And i do think it’s cool
I used to only recycle when i clean my room and stuff in the office
And his meticulous process of recycling EVERYTHING is rubbing off on me marvelously

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