KBF: A New Phase

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Was catching up with an old friend tonight, someone who's known me before my blog even got popular
We've always been close friends
And he's always been a happy soul for me to be around
Tonight he said that he loved loved loved reading my writing, even more so last time
But i've seem to have lost my flair
Because i'm always thinking about what people perceive when they read thingsz
Even though i try not to think about it

So i was thinking i'll start a new thing:

Disallow comments on my blog

I know.
It's sacrilegious for any proper blogger to disallow comments.

But when i think of it, what do these comments give me?

I have very nice commentators, but they're mostly generic and i have nothing substantial to answer back
The very long-winded "fan" messages come in email, which i read and reply thoroughly

The opposing end of "fan" commentators are, of course, the hate ones
Sometimes i laugh at them, sometimes i read them and go 'these ppl are mad yo' or 'what... are they trying to say?' or 'wah so mean, what's wrong with them!'

I don't have the sort of comments going on like on DoraemonKenny's blog - where people are having a freaking discussion board on there 24/7

So what IS THE POINT of me having a comment section?!

Maybe i'm just pulling a Kevin-Yeoh-Emo move, but whatever.
I might switch back to having comments in time (Even so, i can never ever challenge a Kevin-Yeoh-Emo move where he deletes blogs and Facebook profiles and reignites them again 0_-)

But for now, i'd just like to rant and blog
And write

And not read comments about it 🙂

"Hi, you've reached Joyce's blog, if you'd like to leave a message, please email joycethefairy@gmail.com *beep*"

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