Oh sevendays Is Evil.

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Just got back from Bangsar with QueenKanch.
Popped into sevendays boutique cos i heard from SmallSerena that new stock is in today.
RoxyRoze didn't put the new stuff out yet, but she did layan and bring a few pieces out for me to see.

I ended up with way more than i expected to buy -_-

A black fringe dress!
A sleeveless top with exposed fluoro yellow zipper!
A sleek tube maxi dress!
A silk prussian top with huge white stars on it!

And my favourite...

A navy jumpsuit with exposed silver zipper.

It fits me perfectly.

"I can't believe nobody bought this yet!" i exclaimed to her and promptly paid for everything.

Woohoo....... new clothes new clothes!

Okay have to get ready for BubblesAmanda's wedding dinner now.

The theme is 'fairy', if you can believe it.

Amanda: Some girls are wearing fairy wings, wear them if you have...
Me: ... Er it's okay. I'm the ori fairy, i don't need wings hee hee.

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