Impromptu Picnics Work

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It was super hot today = great day to do laundry, yay!
Yeah, i’m constantly doing laundry cos of the amount of clothes i wear…
And if i leave them without doing it (in sorted colours, of course!) i end up getting agitated if a certain something i want to match with something else is dirty.


Why am i talking about laundry.

So TODAY, it was super hot.
Too hot till i didn’t feel like doing work, so i called MaryBerry up, “I have a great idea. Let’s get ice cream and walk in the park!”
“Okay,” she damn layan.

We ended up with ice cream… and KFC, drinks and corn in a cup.

“If only you brought your ipod speakers…” she said in the car on the way there.
“I did!”  :xlaughing:
And a picnic blanket too.

So you see… impromptu picnics turn out much smoother than a planned one :p

red overkill!

She brought a brollie down even though i insisted it was NOT going to rain.


Had to pixelize my crotch cos i swear there’s camel toe action going on.

uh oh...

I felt that going to the park to snack whilst being surrounded by green grass and fresh air would be healthy.

Instead, i felt kinda evil cos all these people were jogging by, being healthy and exercising and all…
While i sat on the grass and scoffed as much KFC as i could (Mary didn’t have any) and ice cream.


Alone-dancing Hypes Your Soul

I’m a big fan of dancing to yourself in your room
Or bathroom, if you like doing it in the shower, except that there’s the risk of slipping and knocking your head on the tiled walls

The other day in the office, RezaSexyGrin aka Reza Salleh wore a t-shirt that read,
Dancing alone… i read out loud, gives you bad karma...” (or energy, something along those lines) “What kind of rubbish sentence is that?” i exclaimed indignantly.
“It’s not mine! It’s my brother’s!” he explained.
“That’s a rubbish shirt.”
“Yes it is,” he nodded
“You should throw it away.”
“Absolutely,” he replied quickly before scurrying away.

If anything, i think dancing to yourself in your room
puts you in a good mood
releases happy energy to give birth to more
places you in Pretend World where everything is fine (i pretend i’m in bali, dancing in the garden)
gets your energy levels racing to face the night/day

Go throw on your favourite song and dance alone!
You don’t have to tell me, or anyone.
Do it for yourselfย   :xwinky:

7 Responses to Impromptu Picnics Work

  1. nadia says:

    hey fairy, saw u in a blue ‘american flag like’ dress with stars on it. where’d u get it?

  2. k says:

    Hey! Nice “dance alone”! I , too like to dance alone in my room sometimes! ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW, I love your blog. Big fan of yours! Thanks to Karen’s recommendation.


  3. oL|V|a says:

    Bugger u joyce. Tak ajak. *angry*

  4. Ling says:

    Ahhh, i like your dance video. It really is very nice and it makes people =)

  5. Sue Ling says:

    Love the dance video! Could you recommend a few alone-dancing songs? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. pretaporter says:

    Why you have to be shy with your covered crotch?
    As if we haven’t seen you in skimpy bikini or half naked pix before? Haha!

    Don’t expect your room to be so gloomy and the dancing vid gives your best impersonation of krusty the clown

  7. laydeh says:

    cute dance joyce!

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