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I caught up with FaiTheMai for a quick chat and Guinness at Sid’s just now.
(Been avoiding blogging about Sid’s cos i was being selfish and wanted to keep the bar uncommercialised
But i realised my efforts are fruitless cos it’s damn crowded anyway -_-)

So we were talking about friends
And i said how i’ve accepted that friends come and go

Not that it’s anyone’s fault
It’s just lifestyles, interests and topics of conversations changing
Or more like, waning

It’s not like i have beef with those whom i’m not close to anymore…
and i hope they don’t have beef with me
i’ve learnt to accept that we all change in time –
the way we think
the people we hang out with
the places we go
the subjects that excite us
the music we like
the jobs we do

We choose to hang out and see certain people regularly because of how they make us feel and think

Some people can embrace it from my point of view
And others can’t
Some hold on and force it
And others let go and accept

Some take quicker to accept, and do so naturally
Others may push the friendship till they realise they’re the only one dancing the tango

There are so many situations to it

But what i’m saying is… accept and cherish

Even RowdyRudy and i had a talk about this a week back
That in time, we may not be as close as we are now
And gel so easily
We will change
We will want to party differently
He might still be rowdy
I might be become more reclusive

You never know

Of course there are still friends you can still let loose to
The ones you don’t see for months on end, then catch up for hours at a time when you do see them
We all have a handful of those

I guess what i’m saying is… that’s life
Live and love

Wah i think Guinness is making me emo -_-

13 Responses to Friends.

  1. Fara says:

    Good one Joyce. Not emo lar… it’s normal. We all been there n done that. What’s more important is that we remember our friends and cherish the memories.

  2. teapls says:

    Thats why i keep my families close to me as they are the one who will stick by you no matter what

  3. Well said, kinky blue fairy. You broke it down really well… Been through all scenarios with various friends.

  4. sarchan says:

    babe, i think you’re on the money about guinness making you emo. i was super fine when i got to sid’s earlier, but then i finished my guinness and started thinking too much, got emo and went home. hahaha.

  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    fara: actually, i wasn’t really being emo, just writing ๐Ÿ™‚

    teapls: blood is thicker than water

    astro: there’re some lines i thought of later that i missed out… but too malas too add in now >.< lost the flow :p sarahchan: LOL. aiyo, i reached and they told me you left :p sorry i was late. addicted to freeform 0_-

  6. Nicole says:

    agreed. every single word.
    there are times i really wish friends don’t come and just go. But they do, and it’s really sad most of the time.

  7. sarchan says:

    “addicted to freeform”

    the CEO will be happy to hear!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. loon says:

    I felt the exact same way about Sid’s!

    cept I didn’t want to bring my gf there cuz thats where the boys and I hang out.

  9. mitcheliza says:

    Friends do come and go…eventually our lifestyles just become too different it gets tiresome to water the friendship plant constantly..

    Memories are the only things that remain

  10. Yii Zhu says:

    but it hurts, most of the time. esp when we are already so busy with our own lives, the last thing you need is another friend to abruptly leave. sad stuff.

    from a brissy reader (:

  11. Mia says:

    babes i think from time to time it’s nice to read stuff like this in your blog cause you usually write about events, parties and advertorials which makes it more like a website than a ‘blog’. you write well and you have the power to inspire, so i think you should make your posts a tad more personal… that’s what blogs are for anyway right? it’s like a diary. u reckon?

    i like this post ๐Ÿ™‚

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