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Affinity makes me marvel
over how i feel towards someone
despite knowing nothing, and briefly meeting them,
or the more i draw towards them the more i know them

I don’t mean romantically
it’s just magnetism
like you know something,
some subtance in their soul
which is familiar to yours
and is magnetizing or mesmerizing

I know very few people i feel that way towards
Very rare
maybe… three in total?
four, to be safe

An example would be this guy i met in frangi ages ago
we barely spoke
just got introduced
but i just FELT like i KNEW him from somewhere before
not like an ‘in love’ kind of thing (cos that’s what most people might perceive it to be)
but just an ‘i know you’ or ‘you’re part of my life in some way’
and stranger still was when the friend who introduced us by chance, told me that he was asking about me
again i repeat
i didn’t feel it was in a romantic way, just magnetism
like you knew each other from a long time ago

A beautiful example would be a guy i met about six years ago
i wrote about him on my blog then (i tried searching for the post, couldn’t)
about knowing where he was, without being told
it was… i just KNEW
and we became fast friends, and throughout the years, close friends
we never went out, never slept together
but just always had that affinity

Another friend i ‘discovered’ is this girl friend of mine
she has such magnetism and aura, it’s amazing
i don’t think she realizes the power she has over people

When i had the privilege of spending more time with her,
i could see and feel the energy just GLOWING out of her
okay i’m exaggerating, i couldn’t SEE it
but i could certainly feel it

There was just something about her…
that was wise beyond her years
her perception
amount of love that spilled from her actions

I rarely run to people when i hurt
i’d rather keep it to myself
but i ran to her before
out of all the people surrounding me, i ran to her side
i’ve run to her when i’m tired
i’ve run to her when i’m happy and i know she’d share my laughter with hers, more boisterous than mine

sometimes i watch her watching others
from her facial expressions, i steal knowledge on others’ actions
i watch her as she watches them

maybe it was the psychotropics, but one day i blurted out
“you know what, i think one day a long time ago… you were someone important… someone with great power in the world. and then you fucked it up somehow and got banished to leading an average human life.”

i don’t think she reads my blog
but if she ever does

i meant every thing i said:
you are truly such a beautiful soul
and i don’t think enough people say that to you

7 Responses to Affinity

  1. Kevin says:

    Maybe you just happen to get along with these people? I also have a few friends that I can get along with easily. But of course there are others (like the brits) that we can’t get along…

  2. haizah says:

    i Love ( with a capital L ) the sunset photo.

  3. Vin says:

    Chins up. There’s an explanation to this, and its called karma =)
    The reason why you felt a strong magnetism is prolly because somewhere, sometime ago, maybe in your previous life, you knew her/him before and decided “hey,let’s meet up again in our next life, shall we?”

    Its the closest answer we can get but also the most mystical 1

  4. sze says:

    i LOVE this post. your beautiful writing melts my heart.

  5. rachel lai says:

    i really believe in energy too.the power ‘certain people’ have on others,and when u come across these special ones,you have this sense of ‘connection’ that u just cant explain.i SO understand that ‘feeling’ that ur talking abt.

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