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AUGH i’m so annoyed!
Clouds helped me tapau fatty char siew rice from Ampang to eat for lunch, i didn’t feel like eating the whole thing so i wrapped and kept it on the office kitchen counter to save for later.

So i tahaned and tahaned cos after that i didn’t have time to eat it.

When my stomach was growling till i could hear it through my headphones, i started imagining the taste and texture of char siew in my mouth.

*insert Homer Simpson kinda ‘MMMMM’*

Char siew…. mmmm

Char siew… MmmMmmm

You get what i mean.

Walked to the kitchen and… nothing there.
No. Please don’t tell me someone took it.
But why would anyone take half-eaten char siew?
Walked to the dustbin.
Looked in.
There it is.
My beautiful char siew rice i was saving…

In the damn dustbin.

Damn upset okay.


Can almost cry i swear cos so tired and hungry and someone threw my char siew away.


7 Responses to What the %#%^*#

  1. reza says:

    what it was eaten? or just chucked? if it was eaten it might have been *whispers* warchan. hahaha

  2. lisha says:

    poor girl. i would’ve chucked a huge hissy fit. i’m normally easy-going but NO ONE messes with my food!

  3. sarchan says:

    HAHAHAHA reza don’t be batu api!!!

    dayummm joyce, that’s bad luck. don’t upset la k, next week go eat the char siew at Alor, or we can go the Sg Besi one for dinner like Apes suggested!!

  4. ahlost says:

    Did you try to find out who threw your yummilicious char siew rice into the dustbin?

  5. clouds says:

    i’ll buy you char siew fan whenever you like okay. don’t worries. then you can smell my car after i buy your food also. because it’ll smell like pork for 2 days after!!!!

  6. Simon Seow says:

    There’s also a good char siew in Sunway Mas but that’s too far from your office lol.

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